Something really weird and scary just happened in game

I was on the 1st of October Sunday 10:35 Eve time hacking a site in [Null NPC system name removed]. A red tagged Anathema comes in system. I take a warp to a perch at 300Km. I see the Anathema lands on the site a minute later. And start hacking one node. I warp behind him and position myself aligned to [gate name removed] gate. At that point, he was hacking his second node and had yet four nodes to hack.
I log my second account to come from [name of the gate removed] with a combat ship and kill that CovOps. I switch to my first pilot to gauge the distance to the Anathema so to jump right on top and…
Anathema was gone, from system too, the site was hacked empty.
Really… really… really… I feel like I had leapfroged in time 10 minutes to the future!!
As I was shocked staring at the screen, the site exploded.
in barely the time to log in my second account, I didn’t even go past the character selection screen, and swap to the window of my first pilot, say… 3 seconds. At least ten minuted had passed for the pilot in the Anathema meanwhile.
If anyone has a clue what happened here before I loose my sanity, I would appreciate a feedback

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If it exploded, it was most likely a ghost site.

The first ship to warp in starts an invisible timer. When the timer runs out, NPCs warp in for a short period and the site explodes doing about 6000 damage omni.

Not sure if they can explode without NPCs, or if in the time you were logging the other client in, you just missed them. They are usually only there for a short time before the explosion.

The explosion wasn’t what I meant to be the weird part of it. I am more concerned about my time travel.

You were abducted by Ayys, check your bum for probes. Also, Anathemas warp really really fast so maybe he just bugged out, and maybe the other two thingys were hacked before he arrived and whoever was doing that was interrupted.

probably used a wh

I opened the thread thinking maybe you had run into Herobrine.

Interesting. I’ve read of people reporting missing short periods of time before but not while playing a computer game.

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