Weird Glitch Splashing a Wormhole

I had something very strange happen today. I was entering a wormhole. As I crossed over into the next wormhole, my shields took about 9k hit points in damage for an unknown reason. There were no players or NPCs around. I had no timers indicating I had been involved in PVE or PVP combat without realizing it. I also checked my combat logs, and nothing indicated I had been attacked. Does anyone have an explanation for this or experienced something similar?


Was the one wormhole maybe a Pulsar-type wormhole? They give a bonus to shield HP.

If you jump to another type of wormhole you will loose the Pulsar’s shield bonus, which will cause shield HP to suddenly drop down to normal.

I can’t recall, but I don’t think that was the issue. I was a full health, and then I went down to 20% shields for no apparent reason. I’ve seen that damage amounts will change in a pulsar or wolf rayet, but if you are at full health I don’t think it will matter.

Wow, down to 20%… definitely sounds like a weird bug, or maybe a temporary desync between the Eve client and server. Almost as if the ship stats were calculated incorrectly during the session change / jump - maybe it used a blank ship with no modules for the calcs. Then after the jump it was re-calculated with all modules, skills etc.

Has it happened more than once?

just speculating, but a storm or toxic gas cloud?

No that was the only time

No storm of gas clouds… i was in a wormhole jumping into another wormhole… it really was odd

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