New Forums feature - Subscribe to Author

I would like to ability to “subscribe” to a given author’s posts.

Specifically, Mortlake. I think the core functionality of the forums will be improved if we are all afforded the ability to subscribe to Mortlake posts.

I also think that all new accounts should be automatically subscribed to his posts. With the option of unsubscribing (which would require an Omega account, 3 plex, a dead fedo, and petition)

I can see a possible counter argument about the harming of some subspecies of carebear… but I’m reasonably certain it’s worth it.

This will improve the content of both the forums and the game itself and contribute to the spread of both common sense and mirth.

If you are going to look up his posts, I recommend you ensure you are not drinking hot or carbonated beverages.
Thank you,

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I’d rather have an ignore feature.

The EVE crowd might use subscribe in emergent ways, subscribing and stalking being so closely related :slight_smile:

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See even you wish you had an ignore feature :rofl:

*my ignore feature seems to be malfunctioning

Closing thread; do not use the forums to troll please.