New Indy Corp Looking LS Space


Just started a indy corp and looking for a LS area for operations and put up an engineering complex.

Any thoughts or idea would help greatly


Hey bro. Find me in game. Unr8ed or look for my corp Bishop Industries. Lets chat. I think I know what you need.

Hey, I will just give a suggestion, and you can do whatever you want past that suggestion and it doesnt really matter too much. So my recommendation would be to plant your engineering complex in a C3 WH with a LS static. If you want to run LS sites, or the easy logistics of LS, you have it. It will bring you LS content regularly, and if thats your focus, you can spend most your non-industrial time in lowsec as you would regularly. If the system is too hot, you can roll the connection and find a new one.
This will give you a large benefit rigs wise in comparison to living in LS, with more or less the same risk attached anyways, and arguably easier logistics attached to the whole thing, since you can just roll your WH until you get a nice spot 4 jumps from amarr, or whatever have you.

Just my suggestion, gives you access to the same area you would be basing out of, + more.
A single C13 rolling into your system once out of the week can net you an easy 1b if you clear the sites, and you are only risking something small like a 70m confessor.
my 2c on the matter, enjoy!

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