New map: move filter/color selection to side panel from dropdown button


At least for me, changing map colors (filters) is harderst part in the new map. Typically one needs to switch between multiple profiles when roaming to get relevant information and to keep track where one is.

Currently this selection is hidden in the options section of the map. Basically under button in the corner of the window. I would suggest moving the selection in collapsable side panel. Similar to how SKIN selection in ship preview works. Here is the concept of how this could look:

Alternatively, it could be implemented in similar manner as how system map implements probe and directional scanners.


That would be one way to improve the map in window mode, but where would it end up if you go full screen? Just like in the old map it should be an extra window that you can place where ever you like.

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Definitely a good point and a way to handle fullscreen. Thus I kind of like the idea that it would use similar UI elements as new system map. Basically, window element that can be undocked and then moved freely.

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