New market update potential economy collapse

This is also how counter intel works. Can’t show someone something they can’t see.

It must be great living in ignorant bliss.

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True but you also cant feed em false info either

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Unless they happen to be true lies.

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Try this

I highly doubt it.

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That wasn’t a serious suggestion and not meant to be quoted without the rest of the post. But then you already knew that. You’re starting to seem more like a troll, guess no surprise there.

You do talk bollocks.

Still nothing you say particularly interests me, as 90% of the time you’re just slagging off people. Like I said you just come over as a troll with nothing worthwhile to say.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

― Oscar Wilde

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I fail to see how this is s bad thing. The market will not collapse just because of this. On the contrary it will probably become more stable as a result.

Markets and economies don’t collapse, only people really suffer. The system will always survive even if it becomes worthless to those who depend on it.

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Smells like… victory.

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so sweat & tears, some salt, some sweet


As I explained, the economy won’t completely collapse, but I expect it to take a serious hit. But as I also explained, that hit will take several weeks, or even months to fully materialize. I’m already seeing signs in the market, but it will take awhile for the effects to ripple through to manufacturing, mining, etc. And yes, people will adjust, but I’m still forecasting the net effect of all the adjustments will be to slow down the economy.

They already did the projections. over 85% of playerbase will unsub/leave.

They ? Haruspices ?

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Citation needed.


More like 85% of player’s alts.

Maybe CCP just wants a more honest accounting of how many players actually play Eve online.

Exception to a few butthurt nobodies who will quit during the process of discovery.


What does that even mean?
Vague “threats” like this are meaningless and useless.

You’re going to just wiggle your claims about what qualifies as “a serious hit” to fit your argument 2 months down the line when nothing has changed and everything is still going fine.