New moons on monday

Or CCP wants you going feudal.
So the new higly expected moon-goo patch has begun to unveil its secrets on SISI and, at this point, i wish to share few considerations about it.
The most crucial revamp, imho, resides in the fact that, now, you have to actually mine T2 resources, manning exhumers and going out in belts, this can have only one single outcome: every system has to be populated with serfs i.e. specialized mining squads, that assure the correct exploitation of the moons. CCP wants us to play the game, and this maybe could turn in a severe lack of funds of many revered PVP alliances.
The problem that needs solution, at this point, is: how to organize, from the institutional point of view, the process of translating those new chunks of moongoo in isks, resources and ships for our kids to explode?
Will alliances keep ownership of moons, and who mine them without rewards? Will alliances assign moons to corps, versus taxes or monthly rents? Will alliances assign systems to corps, to exploit all the resources in them?
Are we turning in a feudal society?

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EVE has always been a feudal society. Feudalism is the base state of humanity. It’s what humanity always reverts to when exogenous powers/factors are removed. Heck even today on Earth, the current distribution of geopolitical power is along feudal lines, with us as the serfs, and the political elites as the ruling lords - many of whom are above the law.

Don’t let the fact that you get to cast a single vote every 4 or 5 years or so make you think it’s any different. Haven’t you realized yet it doesn’t matter who you vote for? The outcome is the same. Policy doesn’t change. We just have a better quality of life today, but when your Lord says you must die for your country in a war you don’t understand in a country you had never even heard of, you will die for your country or die in jail.


I was waiting you say “wake up sheeple” #disappointed lol

But anyway, imo the way out it’s to “outsource" some corps. If your company is full pvp and you need mining resources hire a minor player miner corp. Just like RL. And for the miner corp since your corp is full pvp escort the miner for a fee reduction.

Just a ideia really. They can’t change the universe everytime we find a difficulty. In the end we will find a way. We always do.

I hope it helps you. o7

I think the big alliances will indeed need to pay wages to sustain any important flow of chunks into goo. As you say, nobody will want to work for free for very long. Maybe tie SRP to mining PAP?

Please, no.

I know some industrialists who already pay miners for mining… and they do that as individuals - so why corp would be unable to do the same is beyond my brains.

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