New Music for EVE

My Name is Shane. My academic background is music theory and composition. After going through a whole bunch of school, then freelancing as a composer for years, I burnt myself out. I quit writing music completely for 14 years. I quit listening to music -completely- for 10 years.

After an extremely long hiatus, I started writing again, just six months ago. Oddly, after 11 years of being away from this game and subscribing again just a month and a half ago…

I want to write for you.

I have purchased the entire Moog Studio and a large Eurorack. I would like to share some “examples” of some sounds I would like to do for you.

As with all music that is “contemporary”, give it time to unfold. They’re all stories like a book or film.

Stream Beyond Guernica by Shane Fage | Listen online for free on SoundCloud (Please read the description).

This is the most ironic of all… I wrote this 2 months before I re-subscribed to Eve. Sure, it’s sorta like techno… but with several simultaneous time signatures.

While EvE could use some new tracks…we have the option of Youtube where we can listen anything at the same time without impacting at all EvE performance and in-game performance. I doubt CCP will spend any resources on that part.

CCP is spending resources on it. They just revamped how the music works for the battle sites in fw in the last expansion.

Well, I really hope to get a chance to work with them. I’ve always wanted to get in to writing music for games. Now that I am “back in the saddle” I hope this can happen.

I “think” this piece is done. It’s brand new as of 45 minutes ago. Please read the description.

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