New native MacOS client not using dedicated graphics?

After playing with the new native client this past week, I noticed it has only been using the Integrated graphics on my 2018 15" MacBook Pro.

At first I thought maybe it would dynamically swap based on load but have been continually monitoring with gfxStatus (htttps:// as well as activity monitor and it has not swapped to Dedicated, even with multiple clients running.

Let me know if there are any logs, or other info I can provide regarding this.

Hi! I have the same issue as some other people do. Submit a bug report with the log files.

In the meantime, there are multiple workarounds:

1.The simplest is to go to System Preferences>Battery>Battery>Automatic Graphics Switching. You have to disable it, it will only use the discrete GPU.

  1. Download gSwitch, it’s a free tool that allows you easily switch between cards using the menu bar.

  2. Use an external monitor, it automatically forces the discrete GPU.

  3. Run any application that uses the discrete GPU (Photos or TS3)

Hope this will be useful :slight_smile:

I also was noticing showing “internal” when running Eve, but in the game, when you open the fps monitor (Ctrl-F), it’s using the discrete grahpics card.(MBP 2019)
So far, I trust that :slight_smile:

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