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(Mad Librarian) #21

Check out our Provi Burn Notice

(Arcon Xadi) #22

For some reason the name and the reply to my post won me over. Sign me up

(Mad Librarian) #23

Welcome to the madness! Hop on our discord and say hi to gang: public Discord. Most stuff will be announced there.

See you in space!

(Mad Librarian) #24

New faces are always welcome!

(Mad Librarian) #25

Join the discord for questions: - hope to see you there and in space!

(Mad Librarian) #26

Fleeet: [Thursday 7th June 2018 - 18:45] Alhira_K - Kitey Cruisers & fast warping BCs (some are available at Jita +% in staging system off contracts.)

(Mad Librarian) #27

summer in space is always relaxed… but drop by and say hello!

(Mad Librarian) #28

…need a new home…? Hop on our discord and let’s talk.

(Mad Librarian) #29

…when in danger
or in doubt,
pulse the warp drive,
shoot and shout!

(Mad Librarian) #30

Oh and check out other great initiatives with a different style like the Rhea Initiative, too.

(Mad Librarian) #31

New article on eve corp history:

(Mad Librarian) #32

…and to bump this post I also want to mention our twitter to follow…