New Phoenix When?

My birthday is coming up so… Like… Pls?


When it becomes an actual priority in terms of graphic design time, as it stands they are working on adding new hulls so those would get resources before redesigns of existing ships, and the issue with re-designing is that you now also have to redo every single skin the ship has to fit the new hull

Much like the chimera didn’t, the phoenix does not need a redesign at all. There are far more ugly hulls in the game that should get treated first (looking at you, celestis)


Celestis looks great. I think you’re the first person I’ve ever heard say it needs a redesign. It definitely doesn’t need one.

Cool looking art,needs import to engine asap.

Celestis, Imicus and the Exqueror hulls… good lord… triplets abandoned at birth by their mother who nested in the very top of the highest ugly tree to be found in the forest… … … . “and as the ugly little chicks looked out from their nest - no mother in sight - it was then they knew that if they didn’t risk everything and jump from their nest in a sort of controlled fall to the forest ground below, there would be no chance of survival and only a long slow death awaited them if they stayed…”

Those three ugly little chicks showed courage and bravery that day - they survived their initiation, grew into adults and managed to breed new ugly little chicks of their own (their TII variants), but sadly as they leapt from that nest so high up in the tallest tree in the forest their controlled fall was not graceful and what saved them and caused them to survive their fall was hitting every branch on the way down which slowed their fall and softened their landing. These chicks and their kin will forever be tasked to bear the burden and label of “so ugly only a mother could love it!”

So as legend has it this is where the legend of the “ugly tree” was born.


Indeed that looks much better than the current version! Hoping you get that birthday wish!

Make it two : Celestis, Lachesis and Arazu are all ugly ships compared to the others recons.

I mean, if there was a contest, Amarr recons would be first, Caldari second, Minmatar third and Gallente last to be honest

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Tbh i don’t like that new version, it’s just bulky Naga, it dosnt look and feel like cap ship

You know how it is with the Gallente… the designers were probably out of their skulls when they designed the hulls.

I do like that the hull designs do reflect the ethos of the different factions.

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What could we expect ? Gallentes are descendant from french lol

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