New Player and the Invasion

I was referred here by GM Telarusch of CCP.

Issue: I’m a new player who wants to do the ARC.
Roadblock: The only ARC available is the SOE ARC.
Deadblock: The “Triv-whatever” invasion is in the 1st mission sector… and so… I can’t start the SOE ARC.

Why put an invasion in the ONLY ARC sector that is available to a new player? I’m obviously NOT going to be able to fight off any invasion fleet in my noob ship.

I have to WAIT for the Invasion to leave the SOE ARC starting mission sector… what a waste of time, money, and mostly, fun.

This isn’t very encouraging to me.

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Live lore events dont discriminate, i guess.
Also SoE epic arc is a 50+ missions long across 4 main factions’ space so you were bound to get blocked somewhere anyway, maybe even multiple times.


Patience is a virtue, young padawan.

Go do some career agents while you wait.

Adapt and overcome, and EvE will be better for you.


… or you can learn how to dodge the trigs. There are no reports of trigs invading missions, so you should be safe running the arc. Also trigs get bored soon with camping stations and gates, and switch target.

Anyway, no risk no fun. This is EvE. :slight_smile:


Trigs don’t invade mission spaces, all you have to do is get off the gate and you are good to go. They shouldn’t stop you from doing the Arc.

No, you dont.

Trigs arent camping the gates, waiting for you to jump in, then immediately scramming and shooting you.

You can still enter the system and run the sites. Nothings stopping you, and nothings putting you in any more danger than you would be by any other NPC threat.

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