These invasions are a joke

I’ve had a trig fleet equivalent to a level 4 mission force camped outside my station for 4 days now. They insta-pop you the moment you undock, zero chance of fighting or warping away. I’m not sure how to even fight these things, and it doesn’t seem like there are players that want to enjoy this content.

I’ve also seen alot of what looks to be newbie players, or maybe alpha players?, getting popped like this. I’m not sure whose idea it was to put content into the game that gates players. and losing a ship is one thing, but getting podded by an NPC is pretty lame and not very fun or challenging at all.


You don’t have a clone elsewhere?

Says you can remotely move your clone ?

So there are a few options for you.

  • In local or invasion chat channels you’ve probably seen some guys spamming fleet invites. One in particular is the Edencom defense fleet or some such name. Get in touch with these guys and let them know you are camped in. They usually have a roaming fleet that seeks out trig gangs to kill, so if they are nearby, telling them where the trigs are you’d actually be helping them out.

  • Wait em out. Trigs roam around the system. So just keep checking. The undock.

  • Use a small fast ship or pod to get out. Trigs lock fast but not instant.

  • Death clone out. You can set your home station to another and let them pod you.

That is unless Steve is outside the station too.
He can kill frigs with ease

I’ve gotten past towers with a destroyer. Maybe lock times are not consistent.

Yes but most don’t.

:red_circle: This person is likely in a Minor Victory system, which means there is no one there to help them at all because no one goes into MV systems to do something.

I ran past this today (add 3 Werpost on the gate):

When I came back 15 minutes later they were still there, camping the gate. Invasions sure are such a great feature. Truly amazing gameplay experience.


Gotta make sure the triglavian system is secure.

You mean content which has long term game consequences?

You mean, content that became necessary as the game’s population became more and more about the short-term and spoonfed goals/ambitions?

Why aren’t these systems shown in the flippin’ Agency?

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:red_circle: No, I mean total garbage. On all levels. That someone like you wouldn’t understand that is hardly a surprise.

Besides, long term changes that are, so far, irreversible? This is totally EVE like where everything is supposed to be in flux and constant change. Again, not that you would understand.

Ask the #CCPQualityCoding people at @CCP. They surely know why none of the MV systems are available in the agency. They can probably also tell you why the UI in general is so hideous.

Changes to something which, before now, have never been changed.

Surely that’s getting closer to what you’re asking for.

Of course, I’m curious to know what you mean by

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Exactly what I have written there. That someone like you wouldn’t understand a thing. That is most obvious by your argument that HS has never changed. It was never MEANT to change. The changing aspects were supposed to happen in fw low and null sec where the most riches lie. Of course you wouldn’t understand that since you keep apologetically justifying this load of rubbish that has no redeeming value at all.

This whole invasion garbage added nothing but frustration, busy-work and no appropriate rewards for all the wasted time. Worst of all: It is even mandatory unless you want to get screwed over by tons of null sec and MV systems in your area, on your trading routes and for your activities. Additionally, it is poorly thought through, implemented, riddled with bugs and unrewarding behavior and terrible UI design. Just as an anecdote: I had to move one of my null sec mission character out of their region in order to participate in that garbage just so that my high sec activities won’t get too messy. One less character available in null sec to be potentially engaged by people living in the region and dropping by. Great feature! And you keep apologetically justifying this hot steaming mess. That is why I call you “someone like you”.


When this all rolled out before any of the Edencom ships and skills were even remotely available along with the ‘permanent’ changes this all included, I knew this was just another “Destroy HighSec Force Everyone to PVP” money maker for CCP, alone …, that it doesn’t seem to have worked and online traffic is still going down is immaterial cuz Eve is good about reinventing the wheel over and over and over and over …

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meanwhile a player driven war is going on and CCP highlights and reports nothing in their ‘all out war’ messaging.


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Why was hi-sec never meant to change? And what gave you that impression?

You’ve contradicted yourself in two sentences.

How is there no reward yet they are somehow mandatory (without being literally mandatory)?

There is obviously incentive to get involved.

Force everyone to PvP by running pve?

Eve online traffic is going up:

And player metrics are seemingly improving and there are signs of a healthier economy:

There ain’t much happening. Even INN doesn’t have much to say about a war they are themselves part of. Biggest news I’ve seen is Mittani handing out plex to the other side.

I’ve seen weekly summaries of events. No big moments. No ‘Breaking news’ of battle reports that you’d get in previous wars.

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This is nothing new - there are dozens of active wars in Eve, all the time. Or are talking about that nullsec thing?

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