New quadrant

So, here we are - first day of the new quadrant, it’s almost lunchtime in Reykjavik and the silence is deafening!

Shouldn’t we at least know the theme?

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First trailer tomorrow.

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Do they even stick to the theme? PVP quadrant that did mining changes, major market changes, added more level 2 missions, etc. I don’t think the theme even matters.


I agree the content wasn’t particularly well aligned with the “fight or flight” theme but at least they mentioned it! If they announced a trailer, it wasn’t here on the forums (unless it’s well hidden).

There’s a concept in information management called “single source of truth”. CCP needs to tell us where that SSOT is and use it consistently - by all means link to other forums but finding publicly announced information shouldn’t be a game of hide and seek!


aye tomorrow…

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noun: quadrant ; plural noun: quadrants


    • each of four quarters of a circle.
    • each of four parts of a plane, sphere, space, or body divided by two lines or planes at right angles.
    • “the right upper quadrant of the kidney”

    • an instrument used for taking angular measurements of altitude in astronomy and navigation, typically consisting of a graduated quarter circle and a sighting mechanism.
  3. a frame fixed to the head of a ship’s rudder, to which the steering mechanism is attached.

    • a panel with slots through which a lever is moved to orient or otherwise control a mechanism.

Does CCP’s use of “Quadrant” in this fashion bug anyone else? I guess I get it in that they are trying to say this is the 2nd something of 4 somethings… But every time I read this announcement it’s like hitting a lexical speed bump… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It has to do with their stupid “Agile” crap no doubt. It works for them so it should work for us too I guess.

Yes, it does.

In some IT organizations we now using the term like 20Q2 or 20.2 as the next quarter. Maybe CCP is trying to be fancy by calling it Quadrant 2 instead of Quarter 2 (Q2).
(I say this because somehow I missed Quadrant 1 in their news. But we are going into Q2)

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