EVE Online Quadrants Announcement

A major benefit of Quadrants will be that they will allow work and efforts to be focused throughout the year with a more regular cadence.

So, we went from 6 months (which was perfect) to 6 weeks to monthly and now back to 3 months. And every time we heard that the changed release cadence would improve release quality, work conditions for teams, ease pressure because no one dev will have to force push their work into a too tight deadline and so on.

Will CCP hit the sweet spot this time? Or will it yet again elude them and take flight?

No official comment topic is already a telltale sign.


Maybe you’ll even be able to bring your Drake…?

So do not expect much of a change, IMHO. Since they feel the need to add such comment to the announcement…


Icelandic for quarterly.

Just to note, it says that quadrants will be focused on themed changes, not that there is only going to be one patch during that quadrant. Could still easily be 1 patch a month for 3 months…all related to the same theme of updates.

Posterity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This sounds eerily like a battle pass. Tread carefully ccp.

No. Yes.


So something is going to happen, sometime this year.

Thanks for the info!


Gets a +1 from me.

+1 from me.
I just hope that with future updates CCP finally learned by own mistakes and won’t be only listening ones that whine loudest…

I hope they remove Warp Core Stablizers with one of these.

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“The natives appear restless, Hilmar. What should we do?”

“RELEASE THE … meaningless dev blog announcements that make it seem like we actually care about the players. That always works for a month or two.”


… they just mean Quarter right?


I am ok with that.

Since Omega will have access to all features anyway.

Each Quadrant may contain seasonal events, balance changes and game health improvements, permanent meta changes, challenges and rewards that could be themed, for example, around a particular style of gameplay, or any aspect of EVE.

Well that part of the Dev Blog basically sounds like everything will still be the same, only thing they’re changing is the interval time for game patch.

To clarify things a little bit: the release cadence of updates will remain the same, and you can expect monthly releases with smaller game updates added to EVE Online in-between.

The main benefit from the introduction of thematic quadrants is that we will bundle content, balance changes, and updates around a single cohesive theme, giving you some idea what you can expect in the next few months. It does not mean that until May 2020 we won’t do anything that does not fall under PvP in EVE Online, but the main beats should closely tie to the overarching theme for the given quarter.


I can confirm that there are no plans for any sort of a Battle Pass.


What’s a ‘Battle Pass’ ?

Something that would spell the actual end of EVE. It’s basically a fee to play a game on top of a fee already tagged onto a game to play.

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