New racial line concept

I have an idea for a new ship line. Not the lore, race or background as such, but ship characteristics.

With the introduction of Triglavian ships and DoT concepts, it got me thinking about what else can be found in MMO games and I found a gap - the leech.

Imagine CCP established the Drifter line of ships or something, but for high slot offence there were leech modules.

The idea would be your ship transfers HP from your opponents, and applies it to your tank. This would most likely be offensive shield transfer to balance the Triglavian focus on armor. So this weapon would buff your shield as the aggressor as your opponents HP are drained.

It would still need to apply HP loss to their armor and hull (potentially at a diminished rate to the shield offence), or nothing would die and those tank types would be hard counters and become even more popular.

I think of it as similar to a Nosferatu weapon that transfers energy not from capacitor, but shield systems, nanite systems and structural integrity systems. Like an EM transfer beam or something as we have armor and hull that can be cut through by EM damage type currently anyway, and the natural resistances of armor and hull to this damage type would compliment this concept.

To be balanced, the damage/HP loss to an opponent would be lower over time to mitigate the increasing tank of the aggressor - so this is a low “DPS” offensive system concept, and probably the lowest DPS equivalent to other races.

Again, as opposed to Triglavian ships that thrive in groups, this line would be more solo focused. Specifically the more opponents you have, the stronger your tank generates. Naturally this would need to be capped and have steep diminishing returns after a small number of ships (e.g. 4), to avoid exploitation in both PvP and PvE. There could perhaps also be penalties for flying with similar hulls - leeching off each other by accident or turning it into an AOE.

I think this is a really cool idea that could stimulate solo PvP and force more co-ordination in small gangs where numbers are the main variable in who wins.

Thoughts everyone…?

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Would that not fit in with the existing leech type ships from the Blood Raiders?

Yeah definitely, but I guess that faction is well established now in the world of EVE and their fetish is blood. So to analogise they suck cap (blood) but maybe there is enough distinction to justify a new race that takes body parts/skin (shield, armor etc) and applies them to themselves.

Wow, things got dark real quick there lol.

Soul Raiders! Sounds like fun :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a neat concept, basically seems to boil down to a combo gun/shield booster. Not sure how tricky it would be to balance however.

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o/ It’s only taken me 16 years to post - you can’t rush these things


@CCP_Aurora a way to balance these as well as the transfer cap and low DPS, could be a relatively low local tank. The ships would be reliant on transfered shields as opposed to natural tank.

This would make them weak in 1v1 PvP, and they could potentially be fast hulls to get to the enemy quickly and mitigate being easily alpha’d.

It would be really cool if that has the effect of people running away or unanchoring to mitigate the threat, and if it were an AOE concept it would cause issues for enemy logi and shake up the kitey meta maybe.


relocate to:



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So if you leech shields from a ship, and lets say its armor tanked and you take its sheilds to 0, does that mean your now doing 0 damage as only armor and hull are left. And does that mean you dont have any tank now.

I’d say you should still top up shields, but at that point you are applying less damage to the opponent on account of the armor EM resistances - and if they are armor tanked then thats a worse outcome for you than encountering a shield tanked fit. The weapon will still need to apply dps to armor and hull, yes.

There would need to be a ratio worked out via testing - e.g 0.9 HP restored to your shields for 1.0 HP taken from your opponent. So when they are in armor and you are doing less damage - you would receive less tank too.

I think this could go either way depending on how the meta needs to be balanced. I mean you could convert their armor into your shield and switch the damage type to something else. In concept dps would still need to apply to all 3 layers of shield, armor and hull, so depends on how it should be slotted into the meta and the lore that’s wrapped around it.

Another issue is how do you keep this from becoming over powered by running a passive regen fit and combining it with this leeching effect so they dont give 1 ship tons of hp/s

Yep, or maybe more specifically what would be the equivalent of a heat sink etc. for this line. Maybe this could be addressed with slot layout (i.e. fewer lows) or just a poor paper dps/HP leech for the offensive module without any hull bonuses. Or perhaps there is an armor HP penalty tied to the HP offense. So when HP offense goes up, armor goes down. This would at least make it vulnerable to EM particularly.

Certainly if someone wanted to max on shield regen/offensive only then I think this should be allowed, but like any other ship in the game, this would need to be at a consequence of other utility or trade-offs.

My personal issue is id rather see modules that can be fit to most ships and allow more fitting options for the current ships then to add a new ship line that is very specialized. Ill also admit i didnt like the introduction of trigs because of tjis same reason.

I still have a frig with large rigs on it. I would be VERY careful on how you word such a request.

Yes, this is definitely not a new ship line.

It’s basically a Shield Nosferatu

The idea would have to be mainly shields, armor being a physical thing.

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Would there be penalties to passive regen or shield boosters to avoid it becoming OP?

I was thinking about that, but if it is in a high slot it might be possible to balance it solely on the volume/cap and the use of weapons slots, i.e. reduction in DPS. I’d think something like this sucks cap like mad?

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