New role of the TCU

In the current sov area, almost all of the system upgrades are tied to the I-Hub which means the TCU is relegated to ‘look at me’ role. Lets give it some use by doing what its name say and that is Territory Control. Making the sov area more sandboxy.

The first and major control item i can think of is local chat. Let the Sov owner decide if Local Chat is available, delayed or not available(wormhole like). Has a alliance default, but each system could be individually set. Have a time delay on changing the status of it. ie. can be changed once every vulnerability period

Have the ability for this to be hacked with scripted entosis links. The 2 scripts I can think of are;

Disable 3 hour - Disables local for 3 hours(can only be used once every 5 hours), give it a 4x speed bonus so an ADM 6 system can be hacked in 15mins.

Disable 6 hour - Disables local for 6 hours(can only be used once every 8 hours), give it a x2 speed bonus (ADM 6 - 30mins).

Then if the TCU is reinforced, local would be disabled but could be entosised to be turned back on.

Have a pop up notification when the entosis starts, but not if its on or off.

How I seeing each group benefiting:

Larger Alliances

  • Hide the number of people in their staging system
  • Alot do deployments to other people space for content allow them to take a system up there and turn off local so the size of their current fleet.

Wormholers/Small Gang players:
-Allow them to set up a gate camp in a system for their timezone or a weekend camp (3/6 hour disable times)


  • Screw with the bots (until new ones are written) by having them not realize if local is working or not.
  • Possibly reduce the get rid of local posts, as players would have the option to have it or not.

Overall I would say this advantages small/medium size gangs, with a slight decrease to current PVE players.

I’d rather see both TCU and IHUB replaced with Citadel service modules that require fuel. As for local - sov holders love it. It’s the interlopers who want it gone!

As fubar as the chat system is right now why do you want to add another layer of hamster-slaying potential to what is obviously a broken system?

Stealth “kill local”. Brilliant.

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