New Singularity mirror 2021-06-01

I can not log into the test server through a steam account

/copyskills has been fixed now.


I don’t think you can. You’ll need to have an actual eve online account and wait til next mirror to have access

steam account 5 years old, I don’t think that’s the problem. on the past mirror. I played calmly

I have encountered the same issue. before this mirror, I can login SiSi with my steam account without any issue. but after this mirror, I’m not able to login SiSi.

Bro, thanks - there where it was ! Appreciated a lot.

I removed my sisi account and tried to relogin using steam but when i press sign in it just says error in the steam page.

Steam users can currently not log into Sisi. We get an error message, when on the Steam page, once we wanna confirm the log in. I did double check with two other Steam users, worked on the last mirror, can log in accounts with CCP log ins.

From the launcher, you should see another test server : Thundersdome. There is a Steam logo on the window if I try to log in/add an account.

I can’t try as I’m not a Steam user. Now, I don’t know when the mirror was made for that server. First time I notice it (didn’t paid much attention before, have to say)

you don’t have access to thunderdome… that one is rarely used, i don’t think i’ve ever seen it available to customers in my 10 years in game.

yea, steam user cannot add account on SiSI :(… error in stream sign in page… plz fix please!

is it intentional that the mobile observatory does not show up on dscan currently (freshly made and saved dscan filter with all possible objects selected) ? Both beacon and object show on the Overview tab, but the object itself remains invisible on the dscan result.

Yeah steam accounts cannot log ccp plz fix ;(

Considering you all have to make them eve accounts I don’t understand why y’all didn’t do that to begin with

Because i thought eve was only available theough steam

Before steam, you had to download eve from the website or a disc. Which you still can download the game, or if you live in the u.s. play through the browser

CCP pls fix the steam login for sisi !!!

I was going to type about my problem with logging to Singularity through steam site, looks like past 20-30 comments did me out. Heh.

you’ve already done that… there really doesn’t need to be anymore topics about it. CCP is aware of it. how soon it gets fixed is anybody’s guess.

I mean, earlier. Good to know I’m not alone in this. The more people are speaking of issue, the better chance to solve it is.