New Singularity mirror 2021-08-10

still unable to log in with steam account image

I am struggling to authorise my steam account after the recent update to singularity

I realised that there was a new thread for the mirror, just tried again and no luck still. thank you for your patience. I have posted in this thread.

I could add my steam account but at this point i used the name/password i created the previous mirror when it stopped working.

Today I tried joining singularity. Yesterday it worked without issues. But recently every time I was launching my accounts, I had a message: ,game client assigned to [playername] closed unexpectedly’’. I sent ticket and was redirected to test server feedback as the staff provides support only on tq. Anyone else has this problem? It happened after my launcher was downloading new update, maybe this broke something?

Edit: I didnt manually change any settings of launcher, didnt move any files, nothing. I noticed it started happening after the last download of data for game launcher on singularity. My alt account also doesnt open.

Can you check if you might be affected by the crash, which I wrote about here: Known Windows client crash in latest Singularity build

I didnt start with fresh settings today. I entered singularity yesterday with intro movie played and skipped perfectly without problems. Everything was fine until my launcher downloaded latest patch on singularity and now opening the game there is impossible. I suppose this patch changed something to my disadvantage, I have no other ideas.

Edit: Today I still cant enter. I dont know much about programming, but reading my loglite I noticed it starts reporting error when trying to load python extension ‘_trinity_dx11’ with flavor ‘’ or sth like that and then the session is terminated and client fails to launch.
Edit2: I see this error on tq loglite too, but it doesnt lead to ever-lasting closing my client before it launches, unlike singularity.

I guess I wont enter this mass test.

Is there anyone in CCP staff who could investigate my loglites from singularity launching attempts and help somehow? Please, I wasnt able to enter mass testing due to this really odd issue that no one else reported. 3 previous months of being unable to enter singularity meanwhile first time finding out about it, after 1 day of playing, I am now unable to enter because of launcher complex error. Nothing helps, changing profiles, adjusting settings, trying all possible launcher/game client settings configurations.

Edit: ok, nvm, I will just reinstall evth, if this doesnt help, then I am totally screwed. I know singularity has very limited up to no technical support.

i have this EXACT same issue, on windows though, since the update yesterday, done everything including uninstall and reinstall, did you ever find a fix? @GerwazyPL777

I uninstalled just now. Hoping it will fix after next install.

i tried that already, no go for me :frowning:

Guess we will get another break from singularity. Who knows how long this time.

I can’t log in with my Steam account to Singularity. My non-steam account can log in fine.

Steam is still bugged. They are working on it

I too cannot get into Singularity. I have at least created a unique user ID and password on the Eve Online website now. The sad thing is the toon I want to use in the AT is the toon that I cannot log in. I invested heavily in Skill Injectors and such and training queue to get it ready. Fingers crossed its fixed soon TM.

is the steam login still down?

it’s still buggered yes.

I’ve just reactivated an old account. It was after the mirror was made. Will I be unable to access SISI? When I try to log in, I get an error saying incorrect username or PW - using the same login dets as Tranquility.

did you change the user/password upon coming back? if so, then you will be unable to join the mirror

Still can’t get into the singularity server via my Steam account. I have not changed any passwords ever so that’s not it and my non-steam account can get in fine… Is there a way to bypass Steam and log in directly?