New Singularity mirror 2023-02-27


A new mirror is being deployed to Singularity today. I’ll update here as soon as everything is completed.

edit: The mirror process has been completed now and Singularity is back online. Pretty much everything is the same as last mirror. Skillpoints have been reapplied for the last 6 mass tests,


I can fly at least a dreadnought + a Marauder so I am good.

I can’t find the Skill Plan on Singularity. Are you removing the feature? I
I don’t see it on the Skills window anymore, and I can’t find any link for it in the Neocom, in case you have created a separate window for that (and this would be a bad idea)

I also see that the Hulls and Fits tab has been removed from the Fitting window. Why? This was usefull and quick, as you could see all the fits for the current ship. It also have more filter than the Fitting Management window.



it’s great that you made a new mirror, quick question though, I no longer have any ships or items in my inventories, is this normal ?


yes every mirror you lose everything unless you had it on the offical side @Nick_Andemare

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@CCP_Habakuk Please, tell me this is not intented, that the context menu for drones is not going to change like that.


Because on my test a few minutes ago, I have looked at the market everytime I wanted to launch my drones…

Not only that: Do you see that “Launch Drone” is singular? Well, it actually does exactly that: it launch one drone at a time… Good thing the Gila only uses 2 medium drones, but still.

Thanks ^^

Why none Skill Extractors for 100 ISKs anymore like on last mirror?
How to learn skill plans of hundreds of days w/o the usage of multiple extractors from other chars, which are now 560m each.

What about buying injectors??can you buy skill ejectors for plex on sisi? Plex is 100isk each

i have noticed this with some of the testing i been doing and i thought it was just the ship i was playing with.

10 days later, multiple new builds on Sisi since then, I bet this is going live…


Aaaaannnnd this poop context menu is now live…

no, not on market

“Pretty much everything is the same as last mirror.”
Skill Extractors for 100ISK, where?
You deleted them, thats a major change to the posssibilities of testing for people who need to pump their chars up first by skills.

Skill injectors add skills, not extractors

Who said anything else?

There are no injectors on market.

So I need to buy extractors to pull skillpoints out of chars to put them into other chars.

Skill extractors have been available on market on the former mirror for 100ISK/extractor,
but aren’t available anymore on the actual mirror for 100ISK any more.

Question: why?

still waiting for an answer…

buy plex for 100isk and buy them from the store

thats the way, yes, but why they changed it?

Its the test server they can change it if they feel like it