Version 21.03 - General Feedback

F12 bug report in game

I have noticed 2 issues since today’s patch:
a) There is new & loud music playing sometimes that you can’t reduce the volume by using the music volume slider. You have to use the master sound slider or totally disable sound altogether
b) when you have drones grouped, you used to be able to launch them all in one go on the right click menu. You now have to launch them individually

They have, but most players tend to ignore the in-game news.

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Guilty as charged because 99% is tedious twaddle… :slight_smile:

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The Customs Office Window, doesn’t have any indication of how to move the commodity to orbit, or what you are supposed to do:
ie. drag something from right to left to move it to the customs office. It’s not apparent there’s even a box there?

PS: Thanks for killiing the drop shadow … EXCELLENT WORK: “ding-dong, the drop shadow’s dead!”

And it looks like you fixed the “your sell order” colour too: excellent!

AND the glowy mouseover looks turned down a bit? woohoo! is it my birthday or something?

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UI people, do you play the game?
Reported on Sisi (with bug report, but I can’t access the bug report tracking system to get the number because they changed the system, as the page say)

Really, why put View Market option at the top, and Launch Drone (singular, and it does exactly date: launch one drone at a time) close to bottom ? When going into a fight, what is your priority? Check the market or get your drone boat ready for the fight?

Muscle memory have me click the first option all the time, because the Launch Drones (plural) option was the primary option previously.


Thanks for the text shadows. Will there ever been an option for a dark layer behind the ship modules UI? In bright systems it is very hard to tell if they are active or not sometimes.


That’s where they start hinting at the plans for the future. :wink:

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CCP: “I see you are finally getting some pvp action in faction warfare! Allow me to half the number of targets now available to you, for absolutely no reason other than to make your experience in eve, even better

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Thank you CCP for putting on some work on the turret sounds. It is appreciated <3

What are you people doing!!! quit changing game all dang time what’s deal with drones now wtf this is just dumb as hell launches 1 unless favorite!!! No this can not happen you all need change this or i done playing enough is enough first took out interceptor traits now this wth koreans need stop this bs no wonder lost players and will continue loose with these dumb no point changes

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Personally, I only drag drones to get them into space but this is just ridiculous. It really makes you wonder why and how Junison and other UI developers were allowed to join CCP in the first place.

No one in their right mind can possibly think that checking market details on a drone category would be the top priority action to perform in a combat focused window.


Yea man i think this is totally dumb there ruin game i love first was interceptors and t3 nullification kinda pointless train interceptors if trait was originally used not even there dumb ever since Koreans bought Eve been going down hill no wonder less play

yea the drone thing is just stupid there idiots think this improve anything

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Audio not working

Why does the station panel now have an icon? This ruins the entire window. What the hell is wrong with CCP?


Well, the good news is that, having read it, I have absolutely no interest in it, so can happily continue my usual round of activities, undisturbed by CCP’s latest attempt at a “narrative arc”…

Thank you CCP for limiting FW players to only one war zone to fight in. Much anticipated! [SARCASM]

At least you got the icon, I just got an empty blue box top left and wondered what on earth it was…

That’s a shame. There’s a nonzero chance that jumping on this one might prove ridiculously lucrative if it provides a means for that tech to fall into capsuleer hands.

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