New skills in Invasion?

Does anyone knows whether there will be some new skills in new expansion?


There has been no mention of new skills and no requirement for anything that’s been announced thus far so, probably not. A lot of the new features are already available for testing on Singularity so you can check there.

There are new Research based skills for Trig T2 invention. But that’s about it.

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Thank you very much for info. I am not playing much anymore. Just wanted to see if there will be something new to skill.

No new skills other than the science skills.

But there are three new Trig ships;

Assault Frigate
Command Destroyer
Heavy Assault Cruiser

So yes new stuff, but not much skill wise.

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Just what Eve needs, more skills. Go ahead make it more complicated and time consuming. Help drive more people from Eve Online.

skills are not what is driving people away from eve

So not to start a new thread, does anyone know how many new skills we are getting in winter expansion?

Thank you

Trig Dread and it’s gun skill

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