New skills in the newly announced expansion?

Is there any info on the new skill that will be introduced in the May expansion? Anyone from fanfest heard anything?

I assume new ships will need new skills and maybe the new weapon system?


Yes, they indicated there would be new ship and weapon skills for the bew Trig hulls and weapons, in addition to a specialization skill for the weapon.

So I would assume (at the very least), a Frigate, Cruiser and Battleship skillset, small, medium and large turrets (+specialization) or one turret skill (+specialization) that encompasses the new Trig weapon.


The skillbooks will drop in the abyssal deadspace pockets, same as blueprints for the modules.


@Arthur_Aihaken, @The_Dunning_Kruger

thx much for info!

Any info on possible skills for using “mutagens” on modules?

Nothing that I picked up from the panel. There may have been more at the round table but I haven’t seen anything else posted by those on Reddit who were in attendance.

There are three types of Mutagens you will be able to apply, each with varying levels of bonuses and risks.

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Thx much.

Is there any mention of a new skill for producing Trig modules, something like Sleeper Technology? Thx

There was very little on Trig modules aside from the one specialized turret per hull. They indicated there would be T2 ammo for the turret, but I don’t think anyone knows if the weapon is integrated into the hull or will come in separate T1, T2 and Faction variants. Nor if there is a damage modifier for the turret or if this is integrated into the weapon. The Trig ships will have a drone bay but it didn’t sound like they would be drone-focused, and the bonuses are geared towards neuts, remote reps and smart bombs.

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The weapons have T1 and T2 variants. It was mentioned in one of the presentations.

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I recall them mentioning T2 ammunition, so it’s likely there are T2 versions. I’m not sure what we’ll all see for modules, but probably T1 and T2 for sure (possibly Faction?)

These screenshots from SISI will likely answer the bulk of your questions (sourced from reddit).

From a separate discussion on reddit, there are no damage mods, although that may change I guess. [edit 2, I am wrong, the damage mods are on there]

[edit] also note the extreme sexism in the description of the cruiser-class ship. It may be the 21st century for much of the world, but apparently the 21st century hasn’t yet reached Iceland.

Put it in ingame notebook (delete ‘space’ between ‘/’ and ‘url’).

<url=showinfo:47867>Precursor Frigate</ url>
<url=showinfo:47868>No Name</ url>
<url=showinfo:47869>Precursor Battleship</ url>
<url=showinfo:47870>Small Precursor Turret</ url>
<url=showinfo:47871>Medium Precursor Turret</ url>
<url=showinfo:47872>Large Precursor Turret</ url>
<url=showinfo:47873>Small Disintegrator Specialization</ url>
<url=showinfo:47874>Medium Disintegrator Specialization</ url>
<url=showinfo:47875>Large Disintegrator Specialization</ url>

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<url=showinfo:47908>Entropic Suppressor I</ url>
<url=showinfo:47909>Compact Entropic Suppressor</ url>
<url=showinfo:47911>Entropic Suppressor II</ url>

Pretty sure these are damage mods for Precursor weapons

yep. pretty much everything is in this imgur album.

and I went on sisi and started to simulate a fit.

Wow. That seems rather disappointing, extremely low DPS for 4x damage modules. Even if you take into account that it scales up by 50% for staying on target, it doesn’t even break 1k. Pitiful for a battleship. + its a close range weapon.

+that BS has a scan rez of only 100, brawler BS needs a higher scan rez cause it doesn’t have the luxury to take time to lock targets as a ranged BS does.

Hope it doesn’t come to Tq like this.

Eve’s bonuses are multiplicative so not having a few skills results in far lower damage.

the 411 should get up to 941 with max skills.

1.25 for large precursor turret
1.10 for large precursor turret speclization
1.25 for precursor BS damage bonus
1.33 for precursor BS rof bonus

and if I’m reading it right the +100% damage mod should mean double damage after a ~70 sec ramp up. Some people were just looking at the 8s cycle time and calculating the damage ramp up time forgetting about rapid firing and the bs having a rate of fire bonus.


For comparison, I recently ran Galente epic arc in a navy scorp that had around 1150ish DPS at 100+km with enough precision to hit all target sizes right down to 1-2 shotting frigates at point blank range, all the while retaining 145k ish EHP @ 80-90% omni resists range. On top of that I had the added flexibility of using it short range or MJD out and continue DPS while my shields regen.

And then there is of course the Rattlesnake, can get a similar set-up with it but far more DPS in the 1600s to 1700s. Have even better EHP and just like the scorp you can hit all targets across all ranges without issues. I just wanted to keep the costs down so I went with the scorp for less gank bait.

So this may end up with similar or slightly less EHP, no idea about the tracking yet if it will require modules, or how many, but we already know it will be much shorter range and the high damage ammo will be really short.

IMHO it severly lacks in base EHP to make up for the loss of range. The resit holes are there, so omni tank fits will be more difficult to do, and whats with the align time ? Am I reading that right 89.5 seconds without even any prop mod active ? Doesn’t that kinda make it a jump in and kill everything point blank or suicide kinda ship since you may or may not be able to get out fast enough due to this ?

Like I said in the other thread these ships don’t seem to be designed to be normal pve ships. They get a ton of utility with bonuses to neut, smartbomb, and remote rep cap use, things that generally don’t come into play in missions. For running a FOB they might be far more interesting, and since they only have 1 turret that might reduce spawns too. They also have nice drone bays, my number there is the turret only.

different weapon systems have different advantages and drawbacks. Guns Apply instantly at all ranges, but have problems with tracking at close range, and lose damage to fall off. Of course the trig ships wont even have falloff, and have the additional issue of low initial damage.

navy scorp and rattler have delayed damage, cruise missiles take a while to get out to 100km, especially with no velocity bonus. Also require volley counting to not waste volleys, don’t apply to everything, and often waste a lot of damage with overkill. imo there’s enough drawbacks to missiles that I just don’t use them outside of a few short range brawl setups, or on the barghest which can hit at 100km before it launches the next volley.

the 1700 dps rattlesnake relies on running a lot of damage mods and a gecko at mid-long ranges you start to lose dps to travel time on the gecko, and will require volley counting on the missiles. Then to hit effectively at long ranges with sentries you drop damage, and need to stay immobile, or abandon drones.

also going by the 90s align time the stats aren’t finalized yet.

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