NEW stock added! Abyssal DDA Mods!:nyanparrot:

(LAST day for bids! :blondesassyparrot: )

Massive Price Slash! All Stock Must Go!


Buff up that Revenant, Nano Hel or FW Tristan today!

Exhibit A:
1 18b SOLD

Exhibit B:
2 6.5b SOLD

Exhibit C (COMBO):
4 Only 1.2b for THREE MODS!

Exhibit D:
4 3.4b

Exhibit E:
4 1.4b

Contract up <3

No response from buyer,

Exhibit A still for sale!

Price reduced!

Get them while they are hot!

Sale still live!

Added the video showcasing the birth of a legendary module. Buy her today!

Massive Price Slash! All Stock Must Go!

To the top!

Open to offers on multiple mods.


He is a scammer. I am looking for a package deal. Exhibit A + B could buff up my Nyx by a decent margin. Offering 19B in exchange.

Ah. She’s the second one then in under a week.

Which is odd as i thought trolling was against the sales forum rules.

As for your offer thanks. I considered it but as I have already lowered my stocks to be competitive I can’t go that low.

Exhibit B is pretty much pricematching a lower end mod and you won’t find anything on contracts for Exhibits A price.

I can still however agree to give you a bundle discount of 2.5b off for a total of 22b for both A and B modules.

Let me know what you think.

I ll add another B for a total of 20 B. Anything more would overextend my Budget :slight_smile:

As a super buyer I wouldn’t expect someone like your good self to not give your girl the upgrades she deserves.

22b and I’ll give you ALL three mods.

How’s that for a fair deal?

Off to sleep but I’ve put up the contract.

I do hope you accept my offer as the funds will help my move to null and thus hopefully brings more content those all involved ^.^

Need to stick to my budget for this one, so I will let someone else have this deal :slight_smile: wish you luck!

I don’t need luck, I need isk.

You’ve put me in a difficult place, so I accept.

Mods A + B for 20b as offered.

new contract up :slight_smile:

Did not expect that. I ll accept after coming home in the evening.

If it wasn’t for my friends begging me to return to null I’d be waiting it out.

I guess lucky you😜

That’s all good.

Contract accepted. Feeling frisky about this purchase :slight_smile: