New store website looks good

The new store website looks nice. Well done to the devs. :+1:


I think you look nice. Wink wink.

Are you talking about ?

By ‘new’ you mean, “since the last time I looked at it 6 years ago”, or have I missed some change? It looks about the same as it has for the last few years.

Still has icons so huge and space-wasting that you can’t generally see more than about 6 items listed - lots of scrolling, hard to compare options.

Still have to click into items to see the details, rather than scrolling or changing views. Still lists things like different “Cerebral Accelerator” types as parts of various packages - without telling you what they boost, how much they boost, or how long they last.

Still does things like show my new “test the NPE” char “a special offer just for you!”. The offer isn’t actually described in-game, so I have to access the store outside the game to check it. The offer there shows something like “30% Off! One month Omega $29.99 $19.99 …”

Wait, what? Since when is Omega $29.99? Oh wait, there’s a little ‘…’ there. Click on details, it’s 1 month Omega plus Catalyst Destroyer bundle. The icon looks exactly like the 1 month Omega icon, no destroyer shown.

Apparently they’re so busy making all the UI elements of everything gigantic, they forget little details like “Oh yeah, we’re supposed to actually describe and show pictures of things” and “oh yeah, the title of a pack should fit on the icon, except we made the icon so big the actual description/title gets cut off’”.

So, typical CCP half-assery, same old same old.

Unless you’re looking at a different store, in which case please let us know what you’re liking about it.

Not so sure they “forgot”, instead I think the implication is that you are not supposed to check details just be amazed by the offers and purchase them instantly without a second thought given. :wink:


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You the store page: is new and not the same as the past 6 years and I like the new one more than what it use to be.

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You are right :+1:

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New? It looks like this since ages. Can’t even remember another design.

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Okay, I haven’t used that link before, probably saved the other one because that’s what I use to log in to account management. Your store link is a bit of a facelift, mostly just a re-shuffle of the existing icons and links though.

Seems odd they would have 2 separate web pages for the store, though.

The new the store page:

Not the old one:


Oh, okay. My bad.

Thanks for posting the link!

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