New Tech 2 "Skip" Freighters

I was thinking about a new line of Freighters. The idea is a Jump style freighter that can carry up to 750,000m3 with full skills and Expanded Cargoholds but cant make the same jump distance as a Jump Freighter. The max distance it could jump would be either 6ly or 7ly with max skills in the Skip freighter skill. It would be much slower and have less EHP than a Jump freighter. Think of it being a freighter with 1 ECH2 in regards to EHP and about a 30 sec align time that can be shortened with mods.

New Tech 2 Skip Freighter (1 for each Faction and Even a Bowhead variant)
30 sec align time minimum
6ly or 7ly MAX “skip” distance with full skills
750,000m3 MAX cargo space with ECH2
Roughly the same ehp as a Freighter with 1 ECH2 (~250,000 ehp)
2.0 AU/s base warp speed

Let me know what you guys think.

So basically, this is just a jump freighter with a larger cargo capacity and slightly gimped jump range and lower HP.

Additionally, it just looks like 1 (possibly 2 with a Bowhead variant) ship, not one for each race.

So why wouldn’t you either:

  1. drop the need for this at a racial level and just have ORE T2 Bowhead and ORE T2 Skip Freighter, or
  2. just ask for additional lowslot modules for jump freighters that expand the cargo further, but reduce jump range and hurt EHP?

Seems at the moment like trying to invent a ship just for a use case that if it was warranted, could already be covered by additional modules/changes to existing ships.

As someone that hauls constantly, I don’t really see the value of this. Larger cargo gives fewer jumps overall and makes it easier to move goods around, but that also reduces the possibilities for interaction in space and overall takes away from the possibilities for engagements in the game. So -1 from me.

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