New to station bashing

So i just tried my hand at bashing citadels and could use some advice since its taken a whole wardec to wait for a invul timer that is 7 days 10 hours.

i have questions like:

Is it possible to take a station down in 1 week? the ones im attacking arent fueled.

I didnt get a bill for my war dec so i couldnt extend it, when am i suppose to get 1?

any other advice would be helpful and youll see stations fall through out empire.

Can you set it up in the wallet to auto pay for the extension on the war ?

will be following for replies as thinking about doing some station bashing myself

Just a quick response that covers a small number of the variables involved with highsec structure bashes.

In highsec, you can kill a low power structure in a week, spending only one fee for a war dec, if you time it right.

I’ll use the original final default timer set up CCP, which is Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, plus or minus*, my time, as my example. (This final default timer set by CCP was intended to be changed to a final timer that best served the owners of a structure. Subsequently, most structure timers are not at the time CCP originally designated. Please bear this in mind, when choosing a structure to bash.)

So, in the easiest example I can use:

  1. I identify a low power structure with a Saturday 2 pm timer.
  2. I put in my war dec in on Saturday morning.
  3. War goes live Sunday morning. I reinforce the structure Sunday afternoon or Sunday night.
  4. 5 1/2 plus days later, i.e. in this example, 2pm, my time the following Saturday afternoon, the final timer starts, and I can finish the structure.
  5. War ends the next day. So, only one fee needed.

Now, there are any number of factors that may complicate this very simple example. The structure may be powered, that means it’s going to take longer. The owner of the structure may fuel the structure after you’ve surveyed it for the final timer. The final timer may be some time you simply will not get out of bed, out of work, cancel a date…for.

So, the most important part of all of this for a solo or small corp to consider in structure bashing, imo, is: when does the final timer take place, closely followed by is it a fuelled structure or low powered structure as that will determine whether it is two engagements or three.

To explain as precisely as possible using my example, if I had put the wardec in on Thursday morning, January 3rd, instead of Saturday morning, January 5th, since the final timer takes place on Saturday, at 2pm, my time, I would have to wait until the following Saturday, January 12th to destroy the structure, thus requiring me to renew the wardec and pay a 2nd fee.

As for determining when the final timer takes place, I highly recommend using an Echelon, fitted with a Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer (it’s the only module that can be used on that ship). This ship has cut my scanning time by more than half, when it comes to structures (your mileage may vary, depending on skills.)

*The final timer time, available after scanning a structure, is an approximation, and not precise, once you have reinforced the structure a precise time for the final timer is determined and made publicly available.


You can use the hacking module to see when the vulnerability window is, before wardeccing. It will be useful to set up your wardec.

If youre lucky with the timer, yes.

You pay for the first week up front, so you shouldve been billed when you started the war.

The war will not automatically be extended unless you set it to that. This setting is available in the corps tab. Dont forget to turn it off, otherwise it wll be rebilled ad infinitum.

Check the corp history, a lot of structures are owned by people who are in contract with merc corps.

Good luck. Someone should clean up the mess that is hisec station littering.

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thanks for the replies, ive been doing scouting and will now target them shortly after the invul timers are over

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