New to the game - laptop specs

Hi all,

I am new to the game (i.e. just ran the tutorial) - and the game seems a bit sluggish. This is my current setup:

Intel Core i7-8565U (8MB Cache, 1.8GHz), 16GB LPDDR3-SDRAM, 512GB SSD
35.6 cm (14") 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 IPS, Intel UHD Graphics 620,

I also have an 1920x1200 external display I can use.

What do you suggest I use as settings to make it run nicely?

Thanks a lot!

what is this ?

Low end integrated gpu

there you go then , with 4k and resolution like that , hmmm… :slight_smile:

1920x1080 resolution is your 1st step regardless of screen used.
Shadows low or off
Texture med
Shaders med
Post proc low/off
Ctrl+F brings ingame FPS window aim for 30.

And the game itself can be perceived as “sluggish” or “unresponsive” because server processes user inputs at set intervals (once per second). This is done to mitigate advantage of some users who live closer to the server and have lower ping/latency against those who live in the upside-down world.

The low frequency has nothing to do with fairness. It´s about reducing the amount of calculations the server has to deal with.

One doesn’t exclude the other. And it doesnt change the fact that game can appear sluggish for new players, no matter the reason.

Except that the low tick rate coupled with a high ping rather results in a disadvantage than an advantage.

Also you said:

As in you point out that it is specifically done for fairness reasons, which a) is not the case (as mentioned above) and b) if it would have any positive effect it would merely be a sideeffect and not intentional.

Also why is it so hard for ppl just to admit that they are wrong and need to turn a tiny little correction into a discussion with BS arguments, just in order to not have to say: “OK, I stand corrected”?

There is no shame in admitting to be wrong, just take it as an opportunity to learn something.

… per second.

But actually it’s the other way round.
It’s the same with frame rate.

The more time between frames, the more work can get done between “intervals”. A fixed frame rate of 30 allows a CPU to calculate for around 0.33 seconds, which is a lot. Compared to 60fps, which is half the amount of time the CPU has to finish all the work!

It’s not about “less work to do”, but “having more time to work through everything”.

A server running at 1 Tick per second has a lot less work to calculations to do than a server running at let´s say 30 Ticks per second.

Take for example only updating positions. Updating positions once per second is considerably less work than updating positions 30 times per second.

Same goes for functions that will check for certain conditions with every tick. Now since I don´t know how EvEs code looks like I could only make assumptions on what is checked with every tick.

There are lot´s of things that will need to get updated and checked with every tick. For example if the ship is supposed to be firing. Which direction it is supposed to move, which speed it is flying at and and and…

1 Tick per second means all that stuff and more only is done once per second instead of 30 times per second.

This largely reduces the strain on the server, at the cost of reduced accuracy, however that does not matter in a game like EvE, while in an FPS game that would be devastating and would make the game totally unplayable.

Yes, that’s correct. The server has less work to do per second compared to having a tick frequency of half a second. The way you’re wording is makes this really weird.

Okay, so your english sucks. You’re just saying the same thing I do, being that when the server has more time between the ticks (when he’s required to send the data to the clients) then he can get more work done.

No matter which side of the coin we’re looking at, the server has the interval it has because it can get more work done per interval compared to a shorter interval-time. Yes, per second the server would have to do more work if the interval was shorter.

Per interval though, the amount of work is always the same (relative to the amount of clients connected, of course). That’s what confused me about your sentence. It’s missing a “per second”, because the server does not actually do less calculations with a shorter interval, but per second.


You are right, I should have clarified that I meant calculations per second and not per tick.

I thought it was rather obvious that I meant load per second in a high tick rate vs low tick rate comparison.

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integrated graphics - there’s your probem, there’s a known issue with Intel graphics, CCP are working on it (per today’s bulletin). Go potato mode, knock down to 1080p fixed windowed mode and wait for the patch.

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