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Are we allowed to ask questions pertaining to CPP on these forums, or are we only allowed to talk about the game?

I have many more questions as well.


Ask away - but be aware you won’t get official answers from CCP in most cases. For official answers you must submit a support ticket.

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You can ask any questions that you want, but as above, CCP doesn’t respond much at all, so if you ask us about CCP you’ll just get opinions, not facts.

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Hello and welcome to Eve.

As others have said, feel free to ask away, just keep an open mind and stay cool if the answer is not agreeable with you.

Hope you have a long and rewarding career here.

You are free to ask any question you want, however there are some things you are not allowed to discuss or share on forums or anywhere which are correspondences between you and CCP employees or ISD personnel (Player Volunteers), this include moderation of forum aswell as in-game official chat-channels. If your questions are about Correspondence or Moderation, please use the appropriate Support Ticket system (hit the Submit Support Ticket)

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its community forums, anyone can ask anything here. For the answer thats depends on the topic itself.

If you are looking for some official answer why not ask it directly with support ticket?

We are from the game and we help anything with our knowledge and experince of the game, any than that we know nothing

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It helps if the questions are game related. If you want to apply to CCP or need their latest business figures, this is definitely the wrong place.
But on second thought I’m sure folks even may give you links to these topics, too :wink:

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