New UI - My Feedback


the background noise should be optional and/or get a strength slider.

Sure it can be on by default for new players since it looks nice but for long gaming sessions it gets annoying and adds distraction and eye vision stress. It is also bad vor video compression for Youtube and Twitch.

Some UI elements also take to much space as other forum posts explain very well.

Only the Station buttons are to small and to less highlighted in my opinion (Undock) since it got lost on my 5120x1440 display and is hard to recognize in stressed situations.

But over all nice work and the right direction. Only the old ship main ui (energy grid; items) look really dated compared and disrupt the look and feel of the new ui could have.

Perhaps they could wire up the noise speckle effect to the audio so during an intense battle the screen gets more speckly.

Alternatively, wire the noise speckle count to the microphone so when players scream, the noisier it gets.

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Hehe sounds like a interesting idea … like adding the noise only if you are in hull :smiley:

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