New vessel: Neptune

Hello all,

let me introduce a new vessel called “Neptune”.
Its main purpose is to enable capsuleers mining Ice behind hostile borders.
You can think of it like a hybrid of a carrier and mining barge - or as a very big ‘Procurer’.
Instead of a Ship Maintenance Bay it has a new “Ice Ore Cargo”. Q&A is below the stats.

For comparison see the following links:
Ice Harvester I:
Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I:

Stats of Neptune:

  • Structure, Armor and Shield like Thanatos
  • Targeting (Lock, Scan Resolution, etc) like Rorqual
  • Navigation (Velocity, Warp Speed, Jump Range, Jump Fuel, etc.) like Rorqual
  • Cargo Capacity: 10000 m³
  • Fleet Hangar Capacity: 10000 m³
  • Fuel Bay Capacity: 5000 m³
  • Ice Ore Capacity: 350000 m³
  • Fighter Hangar Capacity: 20000 m³
  • Light Fighter Squadron Limit: 1
  • Fighter Squadron Launch Tubes: 1
  • Drone Capacity: 0
  • Drone Bandwidth: 0
  • Fitting: 3 high slots, 5 medium slots, 3 low slots, 3 rig slots (XL; 400 calibration)
  • Required Skills: Capital Ships 1, Capital Mining Barge 1 (new Skill), Jump Drive Operation 1

Traits of Neptune:

Capital Mining Barge bonus per Level:

  • 4% reduction in Capital Ice Harvester duration
  • +1 warp core strength

Role bonuses:

  • Can fit Capital Ice Harvester
  • Can launch Light (and Support?) Fighters.
  • 5 times penalty to Entosis Link duration.

New Skill “Capital Mining Barge”:

  • requires: Capital Ships 4, Drone Interfacing 5, Jump Drive Operation 1, Mining Barge 5

New Skill “Capital Ice Harvesting”:

  • requires: Ice Harvesting 5
  • trait: 5% reduction per skill level to the cycle time of capital ice harvesters.

New module “Capital Ice Harvester I”:

  • requires Capital Ice Harvesting 1
  • Range: 30 km
  • Activation time / duration: 2m 0s
  • Mining amount: 1000 m³
  • Can only be fitted once: yes
  • Can be fitted to Capital Mining Barge

New module “Capital Ice Harvester II”:

  • requires Capital Ice Harvesting 5
  • Activation time / duration: 1m 40s
  • rest as T1 variant

New Component “Capital Ice Ore Cargo Bay”

  • necessary building the Neptune, used instead of ship maintenance

New Blueprints:

  • Neptune
  • Capital Ice Harvester I
  • Capital Ice Harvester II
  • Capital Ice Ore Cargo Bay

Q: Why?
A: By the last big ressource changes, CCP made Ice nearly unavailable. Please don’t mention that crap in hisec.
If you’re not in the lucky situation that your group still has good access to Ice, you need a chance of stealing it behind hostile borders.
Since the scarcity took place a niche was created. And the Neptune would make use of it perfectly. As Ice Ore is big, you need a big ship.

Q: Did you think for every detail?
A: No, for sure I forgot something and you’ll rip me or the idea apart for that.

Q: Neptune?
A: Yeah, the coldest mf planet in our solar system. Ice cold you could say. And it’s a big cold planet, too. And you know Neptune as god? He ripped ships apart.

Q: That Ice Ore Cargo is overkill, isn’t it?
A: No, roughly 350k m³ is still nothing in regards for the need of fuel blocks. Behind hostile borders you normally don’t have the chance to compress it. So you need a big cargo for Ice Ore.

Q: Why Fighters?
A: Silly, it’s a capital, that’s why. Actually, smaller ships can rip the fighters apart and whale hunters still have an easy game. In combination with the bad locking stats the ship can only defend itself from NPC Pirates or very bad hunters.

Q: It has a Jump Drive?
A: It’s a capital, of course it can jump.

Q: The mining amount is too damn high!
A: No, actually it’s below a rigged ‘Procurer’ and the missing drones can’t compensate that fact. Also, I didn’t plan a rig like the ‘Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I’ you can use for mining barges and exhumers. Even an Endurance is very close to the Neptune.
In short: mining barges and exhumers stay more effective!

Q: Only one Harvester?
A: Yes. Intention is that this one Harvester steals fast :wink: Without mining boosts it would feel faster than it actually is. Just a nice, psychological effect.

Q: The warp core strengthening is overpowered!
A: The ship is expensive (hull cost should be like the Thanatos) for a mining barge. The additional warp core strength is the only thing that enables an escape. This ship is still an easy target for whale hunters - even with the additional warp core strength.

Q: How would it look like?
A: Take a Thanatos, remove the ship maintenance bay, remove two third of the fighters bay and use this room as Ice Ore Cargo. Replace the good electronics with the crappy Rorqual electronics. Shape it more like a mining ship. Use some yellow paint. Done.

Q: How to utilize it?
A: Use it as a thicc mining barge: jump behind hostile borders and steal Ice from them. Use it as Ice hauler: while you friends are mining in small Endurances you can hauler. And, of course, all the misuse scenarios you can find out yourself :wink:

Q: How about dirty fuel?
A: Great idea! Just imagine a ship that can fuel/use any isotope for the jump drive.

Q: Why not use just a Rorqual? It’s better in everything.
A: True. The Neptune only fills out a niche that CCP created through heavy scarcity of ice belts.

Before you rip the idea apart, please think about the main purpose of the ship: steal Ice behind hostile borders!

What do you think about it?


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What do you need ice for?

Brief version: The Ice materials are used in reactions, as fuel for different purposes (e.g. jump freighter) and to manufacture fuel blocks. Fuel blocks are the backbone if you run structures (e.g. Astrahus, …). Ice Ore is the only source for that and therefore the backbone for any infrastructure (mobile and stationary) of bigger groups.

I am just trying to understand how you might have structures and need jump fuel, but you aren’t in a position to mine ice right now. If you have anchored structures and cap ships, then why would you need to mine behind hostile borders rather than claiming space of your own?

Given what I have heard about cap ships in hostile areas, you would probably get cyno dropped before you managed to mine much ice.

I am confused about how anybody could successfully employ such a ship.


Not all systems with ice belts in it are monitored 24/7. I observed the situation that systems with ice belts have no other players around for a long time BUT owned by hostile forces. The Ice belt is unused for days and vanishes. In NPC nullsec (yes, that exists) this situation happens often. May be because of time zones, don’t know.

You’re right about dropping on capitals. That’s a risk you must accept, of course. But this can also happen to any ship you place in a belt.

Forgot to mention that the idea came up because of discussions made in Ice Mining

can you first explain why this is necessary for the game?

Sure, I will try to:
Player A is not part of a big group (mistake #1 you could say).
By the last patch CCP deployed, the available of ice belts shrunk to roughly 30% (more info in Ice Mining). The rocks didn’t become smaller, but the ice belts just don’t spawn. In some systems not for weeks (no joke or exaggeration).
Player A decides to give it a try with an Endurance. It’s fast and small and has a good mining amount per ice ore unit. The next ice belt is 8-10 jumps away. Player A has no structures there or nearby so A is forced to haul everything uncompressed.
Now comes the issue: an Endurance has only cargo for 15 units. Even with a small fleet consisting of Porpoise and many Endurances or Barges, that won’t scale for Ice Ore.
Ice Ore is big. 100,000 m³ of Ice ore has a completely different meaning than 100,000 m³ of any other ore.

Direct answer: it’s not necessary by mechanics as you could hauler everything. At the end the current, active ice belt respawn mechanics only helps the big groups. With the Neptune, smaller groups could steal the Ice.

If CCP decides to revert to the old spawn mechanics (don’t believe in that) the Neptune would be useless.

You didn’t answer my question.

You explained why you want this in the game. You did not explain why the game needs this.

Not sure what you want to hear. Let me quote myself:


so the game doesn’t need this ship, you just want a safer way to mine ice from others.

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I’m pretty sure this ship already exists and is called the Endurance, I’m sure it’s an ice miner?

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Neptune Ice Ore Capacity: 350,000 m³
Endurance Ice Ore Capacity: 15,000 m³

Ok, and?
They are asking for an Ice Miner to mine behind enemy lines, that already exists. Sure if they want the most super duper ice miner in the world that doesn’t already exist.

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Ships that operate behind enemy lines are typically small, fast, and/or stealthy.

What you’re proposing is none of those things, which means it would most likely get used as a front-line ice miner in space you already control.

-1. EvE doesn’t need an IceRorq.

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You should have messaged your suggestions to CCP directly but now you can find this new ship available in Star Citizen within the next planned update thanks to Chris Roberts undying commitment to lurking in the forums of MMO communities for new content of yet unclaimed IP.

The master plan moves forward one update at a time.

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Thanks to your replies.
First of all I’d love to use the Endurance if its cargo would be big enough for Ice.
15000 m³ of Ice is of nearly no value (context: Fuel Block) compared to 15000 m³ of other ore types.

Let me explain the situation (again) as no one of you seems to experience the issue with current Ice spawn mechanics: my home system should have an ice belt. Same to the systems 2 jumps, 4 jumps or 7 jumps away. In fact the next available ice belt spawned 12 jumps away today. My group is small and has no access to any structure 11 jumps away of the target system. Further, let’s assume I can take 3 friends with me that help me mine Ice. 4 Endurances jump 12 times, mine 60 units (60000m³) of Ice and jump back 11/12 jumps … and repeat.

That’s “empty” content. Why do you think most people are sucking hisec belts dry?
–> see Ice Mining

CCP ■■■■■■ up the Ice spawn mechanics by handling it like regular ore. You must not do that. The Neptun fills out this niche without the need using a Rorqual. It has a big, specialized Ice cargo. If I can have an Endurance with much bigger ore cargo, I’d take it of course.

Hey Chris Roberts, you can have the idea if CCP doesn’t take it :wink: Just imprint somewhere “Nachtmann” on the hull.

It’s not meant to be easy to mine ice right now.

Perhaps one of your friends can pilot a miasmos or porpoise. That increases the amount of ice you can haul significantly.

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