[NEWEL] Obituary - Marshal Protector Alizabeth

It is the scavenger that takes the opportunity to squabble over a corpse.

I had thought The Empire held it’s Nobility to the slightest standard of decorum.

Merely an observation.

Wow. You would think some people could let the dead lay. And it’s not even us Minmatar doing it…


I kinda wonder if she would want something like this still going almost 2 months later. Way to honor her memory, right? Wasn’t even a fan of hers but it’s bordering on disrespectful.


I will just leave this here:

“Those who step into the light shall be redeemed, the sins of their past cleansed, so that they may know salvation.”


Well. ■■■■.

My mortal words cannot express the true and hones sorrow i feel. I can only take joy of knowing how wonderous she must feel right now in paradise.

From the lighting and the tempest,

Our God, deliver us.

From plague, temptation and war,

Our God, deliver us,

From the scourge of the Kraken,

Our God, deliver us.


If Lady Newelle has any request for me, i will do it at the best of my ability. Entire Empire trembles because of this loss. Mourning of millions will fill the skies and all who love honor and right will cease their actions and contribute moment for her ladyship memory.

Such loss is impossible to decribe by us mortals. Such deep and ultimate loss…In these moments one questions God’s ability to make decisions. What have we done to lose her? Have we really been totally and so wretched to have this curse descent upon our land?

Oh mighty God! Pity you humble servants! Forgive us our lazyness to reclaim your land. Forgive us for having good time in temporary conditions you have provided us.

oh God! Oversee and make things allright.
Your power no one can resist.
Grant me the strength to defeat thy enemies.
Grant me the will to defeat the beast.
From your grace.
I shall know no fear.

You say this now. When she was alive, she was never good enough for any of you. All the lords and nobles that looked down on her, who told her she was never a good enough Amarr, a good enough Sarum, now you are sad at her death.

I lay the blame for her death solely at the feet of the Amarr. Aspenstar, Newelle, Chakaid specifically. Do not shed any false tears now.

“At first I cry
But then I realise that you’re still here with me
You’ll never die
You’ll just be resting up peace in the sky
You touched so many lives
Now we’re better off for having known you Ali
No goodbyes
Cause I still got you by my side
I still got you by my side…”

I never looked down at her. I took immense pride how se allowed my planetary representative to join mourning Sarum I in Reykjavik colony’s great festival.

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