NEWS FLASH - Basgerin Keepstar Internal Explosions (UPDATE 3)

Nov 30, YC121 - Basgerin (0.4)

NEWS FLASH: Internal explosions are currently being detected in a Keepstar owned by House Singularity of the Sixth Empire. Reports of thousands of workers and residents are being evacuated from several decks of the Keepstar located in the Basgerin System (0.4). This is the largest non-combat related industrial accident to be recorded in an Upwell Citadel Structure.

Information is fluid but reports indicate that the location is approximately the internal main information data centers of the Sixth Empire Alliance. While there are several injuries, one body appears to be that of a capsuleer. The identity of the capsuleer is unknown at this time, and there is no information if the capsuleer was able to clone or be reanimated through controversial methods.

Pandora Singularity, Chief Diplomat and spokesperson for Sixth Empire just released a statement, “I can confirm that the central hub data center for our alliance is presently down. At present, our core information systems and backups are not responding to remote calls. We, however, have a very robust continuity of operations and on behalf of Max Singularity, I can assure you, our allies, and all members of blue standings that our operations are not affected. The Vatican Keepstar is fully operational, all internal operations of the Keepstar remain fully functional.

"We have 42 mortal civilians injured and are under Sixth Empire medical care. I can also confirm that we have taken custody of a deceased body of a Capsuleer. For operational security, we are withholding the identity of the capsuleer while we formerly launch an Accident Investigation (AI) and convene an emergency Mishap Investigation Board (MIB) of senior alliance personnel.

"In precaution, The Teal Guard, the Pope’s inner security corporation, has clone-jumped with Max Singularity to a safer location in null-sec. This is all I have confirmed at this time that I can convey to you.”


I wish you all the best in your investigations and sincerely hope there was no foul play afoot.

Basgerin (0.4) Vatican Keepstar

Rose Hips, Public Information Officer (PIO), Sixth Empire Alliance

Today’s update: We can confirm that 42 mortal civilians have been injured. Four are in critical condition and under intensive care. Twenty five have been released from our medical facilities. The deceased capsuleer did not reanimate and is permadead. The Sixth Empire is in possession of one medical clone and two jump clones of the deceased capsuleer, which we are maintaining until we complete our investigation.

All fires within the Keepstar have been subdued and first responders have stabilized the areas affected. We can confirm that the Sixth Empire Data Center that houses our internal information systems, maps, policies, and inter-alliance communications are catastrophically destroyed. Additionally, all remote backup systems located on several of our Upwell structures were electronically wiped moments before this incident.

The cause of the destruction appears to be from several Tagra-Plasma burning charges placed in key locations to maximize physical damage to the Data Center. As a result of this evidence, we have moved the investigation from an accident investigation to a criminal investigation. The Sixth Empire has engaged and informed CONCORD Special Agents in order to share information, as there does seem to be the issue of the deceased capsuleer possibly involved.

The identity of the deceased capsuleer is still being withheld for now as required for operational security. We can confirm that the deceased capsuleer was a Sixth Empire member.

His Holiness Max Singularity, has made 3D Virtual Reality Avatar visits to each of the injured civilians, except for those in intensive care. His Holiness is safe in a remote station guarded by The Teal Guard Corporation.

Activity in the senior leadership, as well as with several of our blue standing friends are very high as the investigation proceeds, and the alliance enacts its continuity of operations protocols it had previously instituted for a situation like this.

For Diplomatic inquiries, please contact Pandora Singularity, Chief Diplomat, House Singularity, Sixth Empire Alliance.

On behalf of His Holiness, Thank You.

Rose Hips
Public Information Officer (PIO)
CEO Zero Dot Zero (Z.Z)
Sixth Empire Alliance


Sorry to intrude in this time of great confusion, pain and introspection but is there anything anyone in the external capsuleer community can do to be of assistance?

Thank you @Ange_des_Larmes, at this time we are working with our allies in blue standings and presently are able to handle the medical emergencies and recovery center using our resources. We will keep everyone appraised of the developing situation.

With His Holiness Blessings…
-Rose Hips

The following is a transcript from the live HHN broadcast earlier…

Halescott Headline News Broadcast
Julias Alskur, Anchor HNN
Max Singularity, Pontiff of Sixth Empire “Space Pope”

Alskur, “Your Holiness, Thank you for joining us this evening. I’m sure you are very busy with the crisis at the Basgerin Keepstar.”

Singularity, “Thank You Julias. Indeed this is a very trying time for our families who are affected by this incident. We at the Sixth Empire Alliance are doing what we can for them.”

Alskur, “I understand that up to 42 civilians, non-capsuleers were injured.”

Singularity, “Correct and four are clinging to life in ICU at our medical facilities.”

Alskur, “There is also the case of an unidentified capsuleer that has permadied. Can you tell us more about this very rare situation?”

Singularity, “Well we have identified the capsuleer. All I can say is that the deceased capsuleer was a member of the Sixth Empire, however, I can not go into further details until we wrap up a few investigations currently underway.”

Alskur, “It was reported today that several high level Sixth Empire leaders and some capsuleers were broadcasting in Dodixie this afternoon. Isn’t it a normal policy to not use Local for regular conversations?”

Singularity, “It is not our policy to talk in Local, however, with the destruction of our 6E Data Center, we have been having several strange systems go haywire at random. I have received reports of Sixth Empire members in good standing placing bounties on fellow Sixth Empire members when they did not do so.”

Alskur, “Wouldn’t this be a CONCORD issue?”

Singularity, “It is. We are consulting with them at present. It does seem one capsuleer’s computer system is placing the bounties whenever he is docked in a station. He denies taking any action. This too is under investigation.”

Alskur, “Our captured Dodixie Local Logs show that Monk Anthar had placed bounties on Pandora Singularity, she is your Niece is that correct?”

Singularity, “Yes, my Niece is Pandora Singularity. She is the daughter of my brother Paradoz Singularity who recently passed away as you know.”

Alskur, “Yes indeed, my condolences, but can you confirm that it was Monk Anthor placing the bounties.”

Singularity, “That is a matter still under investigation, and we are reviewing the logs, but yes, initial reports are that Monk Anthar placed bounties on several Sixth Empire Members. We have yet to confirm the validity of these inputs into the CONCORD system as we work with their agents.”

Alskur, “Also in the Dodixie Local logs, Pandora stated that she is a Queen. How is she a Queen?”

Singularity, “When Pandora was growing up, Paradoz and I would call her our little princess. She actually thought it was true and we continued to tell her that one day she would be a Queen. When her father passed away, Pandora, inherited a very large region on a terrestrial planet that contains three cities and several large townships. I may have told her, ‘you are now the Queen of your father’s lands now.’ I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise, so there you go. She’s a Queen.

A member of The Teal Guard Corporation whispers in Max Singularities ear on camera.

Alskur, “I’m told you have to go, I understand. Thank you again Your Holiness for joining us on Halescott Headline News this afternoon.”

Singularity, “Thank you Julias, HNN is the news you can use. Blessings Be.”

Alskur, “There you have it from the Space Pope himself. We will continue following this situation as it continues to develop. Back to you.”

/End of segment


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