[news] SuVee-Quafe Joint Venture Secures Outside Contract with Kaalakiota

It would seem SuVee’s moved past its protein delicacy infamy, and into a new realm of industrial food production. I can only hope Quafe’s able to ensure quality control, or else that KK engages in effective audit and quality assurance at point of receipt.

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Well, we all know that Quafe uses only the finest, highest quality ingredients in their products, so I’m sure they will bring their considerable quality control expertise to the table.

God help Kaalakiota.


I’d like to know how many people in the approval process decided it would be a great idea to put SuVee and Quafe together and have them serve meals to creches.

in b4 “Everfresh Supply Scandal Rocks Creche Network”


Although SuVee has a deservedly poor reputation stemming from the delicacies scandal fifteen years ago, time does bring about change and the megacorporations are no exception to that rule. SuVee’s market share in agricultural production is extensive and in many cases unrivalled by any other megacorporation in the State, thus being able to penetrate additional markets for its surplus production would benefit their subsidiaries and portfolio by a considerable margin. Choosing to partner with Quafe is a sound decision based on their expertise in packaging and distribution, one that has evidently served both entities well before their acquisition of the KK contract.

As for fears on quality control, despite previous form I am not convinced that there will be a repeat of history. If there was a serious fear or concern by the KK executive board of unprofessionalism and failure to meet standards from SuVee or their subsidiaries, they would not have granted the contract to supply their creche infrastructure, retirement homes or veterans facilities. It is a dangerous game to play if one decides to play silly buggers with the livelihoods and the security of State citizens in terms of their access to services, one that could massively backfire on SuVee if any evidence of foul or negligent behaviour should come to light as it did back in YC105. They may have escaped greater punitive action than what they deserved back then, but the Caldari people let alone the Chief Executive Panel would regard any meddling with services poorly, with the consequences of such actions potentially being rather severe in scope.

One thing that half-surprises me personally is that KK have permitted a third party to manage a critical part of their infrastructure in regards to services. The KK of fifteen years ago would never have done such an action in my opinion, and their drive to reduce costs may be related to the ongoing struggle post-Heth to balance the books further after his profligate stewardship of the company finances, rather than simply striving for greater efficiency.


Uhhhhm… that’d be a binary term you’ve used there. Are there rivals to their market share, or not?

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The KK of fifteen years ago like the majority of the State got their food from Suvee agriculture. Suvee owns up to a third of all property in the State, much of that in agribusiness on temp worlds so there really is not any point having trying to shut them out.

Secondly, outsourcing to Suvee directly in the realm of food production does not mean either Suvee or Quafe dictate the nature of social policy or its delivery to citizens of Kaalakiota. It is simply accepting the reality that Suvee controls the agribusiness game as it exists in the State.

The fact that the Kaalakiota board is willing to swallow its pride and accept Quafe involvement in the Everfresh deal given its probable debt loading shows where its social responsibilities lie: breeding new generations for the creches, feeding the elderly, and taking care of its veterans.

Which is more than can be said of the more feckless dickheads in the State who would have just ejected them into a dissoc slum with a smile given a chance if the financial weather was no longer fair.

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