Niarja bypass

CCP to the Edencom suckers:

To be repeated once everybody has trashed their drifter and drone standings…


It would be funny if Hek or Rens would become the new main market, right after Jita was upgraded.
Currently the shortest hi-sec route between Jita and Amarr goes through both Hek and Rens, and they are quite close to Dodixie too.

Yup, you just said what I wanted to. Basically it’s the same with the answer to Trig standing and Pochven, but reversed.

  1. Define Kybernauts.
  2. Explain standing-based benefits in Pochven.
  3. Explain demerits of the misguided who have stood with EDENCOM.
  4. Explain possible redemption from negative Triglavian standings.
  5. Flip the answers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This is where the “Kybers vs the Misled” thing gets even messier. Now you can shoot rogue drones and Drifters to gain standings to both sides. I’ve got Ph. D. in killing drones; why bother fighting Trigs or 'NCOM?

Now I admit that EDENCOM is a improv faction with a bunch of sick RPers consumed to glorify the Triglavian plot. That was what “Choose your side.” meant to be. They are being punished for not following CCP’s big plan! The extreme punishment is its lack of contents, either you help or kill EDENCOM. The Drifters saga is as weak as EDENCOM, but at least they have entosis links. I’d rather stay in nullsec.

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