NICE way to make game run more smoothly on heavy loaded/slower machine

I had problems with smooth EVE run when had also “MS teams” calls or when I was working with “Citrix” on my laptop.

I found a NICE workaround - just when you have EVE started - check TOP, process ID and make it nice to 10:

renice -n 10 -p “PID of EVE from top”

Enjoy crabing/mining on slower machine when you need to work also in parallel :slight_smile:

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You know I’ve been working on linux for close to 20 years, and gaming exclusively on it for around the last 8 or so. I completely forget about the idea of legit kernel process priority sometimes.

To all recent windows converts: Linux has real process priority control capabilities. renice is a magical command that is your friend.

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Me too, I tried to manipulate teams and ctrix, installed teams from github (by IsmaelMartinez), manipulate graphics size and kernel parameters for GPU and CPU … and then eureka … NICE … using this for a week now and it works flawlessly now … this solution works for: wine, proton, lutris, amd, nvidia, intel, probably it will work on BSD whatever :slight_smile:

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