No Downtime Discussion Thread

Which sounds reasonable, but then the newly implemented fixes may contribute to other unexpected things breaking (or worse, expected things breaking in an unexpected way), so it’s best to do it ‘in isolation’ (as much as is reasonably possible) then implement one change (fix) at a time moving forward, so when ‘random thing’ breaks it’s easier to nail down the reason and fix it.


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Running relics sites has gone to crap. Prior to this “no downtime”, could click on the nodes and get instant interaction. Now, i can click on 10-12 nodes before there is any interaction. Then they all activate at the same time. Or i can click on a node repeatedly and no interaction. Has nothing to do with my connection. I get 900up/900down witn between a 3-9 ping. Also, corp hangar dropdowns arent working. Usually undocking and redocking would fix. Have had to restart client to get it to work. lag with moving items between hangars. Even when there is only 1 item in the hangar and it is being moved to an empty hangar. The d-scan sticks after activating it (30-40 seconds)

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Confirming lag in hacking relic sites, jumping between systems in nullsec and general lag seen from the 2009 times when a 12 on 12 fleet flight was happening at a gate.

Sorry CCP, you still need your daily downtime reboots.

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or at least quality ppl working for them

Logging in to see not one single roid in the entire system, the next system, the system after that.
Sure, good idea. Logged back out for the night.

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I am having sever lags, never saw it before. I was chasing a tengu in saber i had 4-5 roll back and jump ship. It was near a wh

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I am experiencing lag so bad that it makes this game unplayable. Any suggestions on how to OPT-OUT of this or reset things the way they were? I really can’t go on like this…

Wow. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be shown the door.
This is not how you stress the system to see where cracks in the wall need spackling paste.

CCP, if you’ve really lost control of your code so badly you need to break it to see the problems, I don’t see good things in your future.

Yes it is technically possible, assuming control of the game engine and game client development and distribution. It may be very difficult to make it feasible and a priority from a business standpoint (it’s costly and involves a degree of retraining all your technical and requirements teams to do things in a way that is often very uncomfortable at first - and is it really the thing that will bring the most value to the players - enough to stop the additional feature development for a while to do this?)

Obviously you’re a stupid troll.

There’s a lot more pressing issues in the game that need to be fixed and removing a daily 5 minute DT is the least of those issues.

Especially since CCP’s history for changing, updating and or adding content has always broken other content that was working fine.

There’s special NPC’s that are tied to DT which only spawn once or twice during the 24 hr period, for instance Maschteri Markan is a rare spawn that drops valuable loot along with a Tag that’s needed to complete mission for level 4 Gallente Cosmos Agent Ampsin Achippon.

Okay I see, thought you were talking about clone soldiers and mordu ships.

will be back after next DT, belts are cleaned up

They know that, they’re just trying to find out why…

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Or maybe bring back the old chat system, cause this xmpp crap is ******** :innocent:

Don’t expose the hamsters to bright light. Don’t ever get them wet. And don’t ever, ever feed the hamsters after midnight.


HAPPY DT !!! :heart::slight_smile::heart:

Screen: Alliance Contacts
Navigation Path: Corporation > Alliances > Alliance Contacts
Issue Description:

When altering alliance contacts labels, the UI will “flash” and appear that it reverted all the changes made in the last few minutes. Redo the changes. Same occurs. A few minutes later, it “flash” again and the changes made, that appear reverted, now appear to have been made.

I had some laggs again but less sever than yesterday, nothing compare to yesterday

You would be aware there is very very rarely anything close to 20k players online in the lead up to downtime and generally for at least 45 minutes to an hour after DT there is often less than 10K online.

I’ve had DT occur in my prime playing time (9PM) for the last 15 years, I honestly would be over joyed to see DT removed completely - I’m just not sure this isn’t another BO style change and just as poorly thought out