No Downtime Feedback Thread

Refer to this dev blog for information.

This thread is now open for your feedback.

Initially it should be business as usual on Tranquility but as the uptime stretches on some unusual things may start occurring. This could manifest in things such as strange AI behaviour, resource depletion, market gremlins or module lag but also in some ways we can’t predict.

Please let us know about anything weird you encounter which you think could be attributed to the extended uptime in this thread.

Where appropriate please also report bugs in-client (press F12) or with this page as it logs additional information about your situation at the time.

General discussion about the No Downtime experiment should be confined to this thread and posts deemed off-topic here will be deleted.



So before regularly scheduled downtime, I was experiencing a bunch of lag, rubberbanding, and my prop mod wouldn’t turn off. Don’t know if it was related or not.


we have been having rolling log outs in corp it has happend 7 times already


I have 2 lag today and more yesterday in abyss and lose 2bil gila, nice experiment, thank u ccp


I could not see drones marked in purple on screen and could not see them. but they were there i was in haven at the time, in domi. tyvm for this grat game. Please could you buff Rorquals its too easy for wormholers to rage role holes and the access to the rorqs not fair, please buff them.


Hello just got a disconnect on 5 out of 7 Chars.


Unable to see a change in Corporation Logo.

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I have been having random disconnects. Previously i rarely ever had any problems like this.



also this now happend

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both chars random disconnects about hour before downtime, rarely have disconnects so glad i was docked



I’m relatively new to Eve and am cheap so don’t plan to pay money to play, unless I win the lotto. :slight_smile: One of the positives I see from the no dt is that my sigs I’ve scanned stay up. That is handy, though with trip I can still be on top of that, so it is only a bit positive. On the negative side, relic/data sites where before I would work all but one can and wait for dt and all the cans would be respawned did not happen. That’s a negative for me as I get 90% of my isk from data/relic exploration and that bonus around dt actually was a draw for me to play around dt time…if dt goes away, or the cans don’t get respawned once a day, it will reduce my interest in explore in general a bit.

Not related to dt, but since I’m giving feedback, I’m struggling with the new bm system. Limiting it to 30 folders is hard and I’m having to dump all my bms from multiple systems into one, and having to delete too many which I’d rather keep. Can you up the limit from 30 to 100 or create another tier of folders to further organize and get to things quickly?



Well, for some of my clients local is not working…only shows my own character in local chat. All other chats seem fine

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single Damaged NPC Damavik landed at my moon miner. seemed to get reps from tethering before flying away. Not sure if this counts.

Also the WH I was in before the last downtime was FULL of untouched sigs…but when I logged on there was literally nothing for me to do…I waited to see if it would repopulate…nothing for 1 hour It really messed up my plans having pre-positioned assets. Waste of serious effort and time.

IMO…I feel like the amount of sigs was reduced in order for the server to last your 48 hr test. While the server may survive 48 Hours, gameplay is diminished.



The lag is real. Pls Do DT every day. its a good thing


I know server issues can be annoying, but I think that this is an awesome experiment, and hope that they work out kinks. Personally, I fully support CCP’s efforts.

Also, don’t forget, you can submit a support ticket if you lose your ship due to server issues.


The local chat is not working, is there still a blackout or what ?screen

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Where are the asteroids for mine? no respawn? :confused:

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Well, nothing had happened yesterday, so possibly, just possibly, that lag you mentioned was nothing to do with this?

Unless you think it travelled back in time?