No Downtime Vol. 2 Feedback Thread

Yup. And I already knew - that’s the sad part. I just can’t help but try to educate.

Please don’t assume what I build. Yes, I have BPOs for Cats, but they are not that profitable compared to ships such as the Atron , Imicus or Ventures…
I admit that I DID build ships that people will use to gank, okay, you made that point, but I learned that lesson a while ago and stopped selling them when they market under 800K ISK.
Come to think of it, I’ve yet to be ganked by a Catalyst or any T1 destroyer or frigate I have prints for - it’s the combat battle cruisers I get blown up by, still, though, I never sell my ships so low that they make for cheap suicide-gank machines.
The reason I don’t like CODE players is from that manifesto the CODE is based upon. Only people with rotted souls IRL would agree with what that manifesto promotes… going so far as saying “When we get all the hisec miners to rage-quit, EVE will be a better game. CCP won’t mind losing 100 thousand subscribed account if it means no hisec miners” (slightly paraphrased due to that one sentence I wrote being five paragraphs from that manifesto regarding getting new players/hisec players to leave the game).
Last I read, CCP’s main focus is on new player retention - and that manifesto CODE is built upon specifically states that EVE is a better place w/o these new players… sounds to me that CODE is actually working against the best interests of the game in general just to make some selfish players have the game all for themselves and THEIR play-style “and to heck with those who won’t pay us mining rights in space we own”.
This reply is based on two things you replied with: me building the ships used by gankers to gank and my not liking CODE due to the ideology (cult) that forms the backbone of CODE gameplay.
If you have ever read James’ manifesto you would know the pure BS it spouts, yet players who follow this code are actually working against the interests of CCP…
… so we go full circle to you saying to me “… then don’t sell them the ships they use to gank”. Yes, I build and sell roughly 80-120 ships per day, but I have no control over who buys them AND I have yet to be ganked while mining by any type of ship I build, so please do not assume I am supplying the ideology I despise with the ships they use.

So when you said

You were lying because you dont build ganking ships any more, or rather when you do you set your price so uncompetitively high gankers wont buy them?

So when you said

You basically said that your first quote in this response was a lie.

Not that it matters, as gankers either build their own ships or buy them from industrialists like me that dont give a crap what the ship is used for as long as I get the money.

Im going to ignore the part where you talk about CODE. because you quote things rthen admit you “paraphrased” them, so really if you cant be bothered quoting something, its just you saying your opinion on it.

I have. Its a guide on how not to get ganked.

  1. No, they learn how not to get ganked
  2. They arent CCP employees, so why should they care about CCP’s interests.

Why not when

TBH Your righteous indignation about ganking in a game tells me more about how scared you are of being ganked than anything else.

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I’m not going to re-write several paragraphs just to summarize what those paragraphs conclude.

Maybe I wasn’t clear when I mentioned being ganked - I’ve been ganked while NOT mining and when I was mining.
I said I had never been ganked while mining by the ships I build, so I do not sell CODE players the ships they use against me while I am mining.

CODE is not about making people better players - look at the killboards and these code people have nothing but soft-target kills (at least the ones I have seen).

… and if we are going down the road to misleading statements (you call them lies)… so when you told me to stop building the ships CODE uses to gank me… and then you say

You are admitting that your statement that I need to stop building said ships is moot.
The irony is you say “as long as I get the money”… and you support the CODE playstyle by thinking it actually makes players be better players, yet the first section of the CODE manifesto is about how much James despises players who only care about making ISK and how those players must be eliminated from playin EVE.
Hmm… you seem to support those who would love to see you removed from the game. Interesting.

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You could just copy and paste the relevent parts. Assuming there were any.

So as long as its not you, its ok for your ships to be used in ganking? Your own philosophy on this makes little sense for someone who claims the code is some kind of evil doctrine.

And yet I havent lost a mining ship since I started following the lessons inherent in the original minerbumping posts. Wierd coincidence.

What statement? Can you quote where I said that? I think youll find its you who has said that so far.


And yet I havent been eliminated because I DONT DO WHAT THOSE CODE KILLED IN THOSE DAYS DID. How are you not understanding this simple point?

Yes! Do you even understand the concept of competition?

You mean “where the ore Should be”? This issue came about due to a (quite normal sadly) lack of communication from CCP
If CCP were up front about the known issues with their little “test” the lack of asteroid belts would have been known and not become an issue.
This is just CCP continuing along the same path of lazy, inconsiderate, halfassed, poorly planned development it always has followed.
Nothing new, those who’ve been around for a while are used to it.

Take the next extended DT for example. CCP at its finest, adding to an already over burdened, messy UI by simply duplicating something that has been available via a very good 3rd party app for years.

I doubt any of this is about CCP not planning, and is in reality about what they are planning and have been doing, reduce isk increase plex sales.

Hmmm, looking at most recent MER, player isk is increasing.

I hope they succeed with this, flood the market. Cheaper plex for isk is always good.

CCP were upfront about it?

Were they?
There was nothing in the blog about CCP knowing asteroid belts wouldn’t respawn. It wasn’t mentioned until it was bug reported, then it was with a “yes we new that would happen”.

It’s in the forum thread. From before the event.

Again, should be right where I mined it on the one day lazier people couldnt.

Their loss my gain.

Thats how this game is supposed to work, even if CCP make a mistake, its my job to try and profit off that mistake vOv

It was, as a reply, NOT as a “known issue”.
It was obviously something CCP were aware of when the blog was written but failed to mention.
My dog communicates better than staff at CCP do with paying customers.

again, that was BEFORE downtime happened…

It was a known issue that should have been in the blog as such.
The fact it ONLY got mentioned in response to a player question is just poor communication, something CCP is famous for.
CCP has never been even half decent when it comes to customer relations, in fact it is something they simply suck at.