No Downtime Vol. 2 Feedback Thread

Enduring capsuleers!

Once again we are taking part in a bold experiment to test the technical boundaries of New Eden! During this period of extended uptime we would be interested in hearing from you about any unusual behaviors or performance issues you encounter while playing EVE which you think may be attributable to the No Downtime experiment. Please leave your observations in the thread below.


So far so good no problems


I assume it is a known fact to the devs that some COSMOS mission items did not respawn as they do so as part of DT, just like asteroid belts not replenishing. Or should we bug report these?

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bug report, there are other things as well that don’t respawn or replenish properly.

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Please bug report everything that should have respawned or replenished, but didn’t.

Except the regular asteroid belts, we know about that issue and that doesn’t have to be bug-reported.

But we would like to know about all other content that players use regularly and that doesn’t behave today as expected.

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Should we link the BR IDs here (as you request that in the other thread when issues are mentioned) or just submit the report and that’s enough?

I guess the response is better placed here than in the other topic:

EBR-223237 - with regards to the combat signatures not refilling without DT.

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It would be very helpful if you include the EBR numbers in your posts.

Located, thanks.

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I’ve raised a BR on another account for asteroid belts not respawning: EBR-223244

@CCP_Explorer said except for asteroid belts, they know about that.

You want my feedback ? You wont like it.

  • Hire an actual programmer that can install memory management.

  • Hire an actual programmer and start fixing memory leaks with your own code.

So you guys will actually come in part with other mmos and no downtime.

For miners: No downtime, means no belt respawning and even less ore to mine. Nerf again.


other MMO’s are not a single server game…

thats what this test was for, similar to the one 3 years ago… they are working towards having no down time… calm down miner.


A little feedback for you:

You don’t know what you’re talking about.


Not a bug, and most likely planned this way. But I just realized that no downtime means that the 24hr timer on Project Discovery submissions is actually accurate now.

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Can you detail this a bit more, please?

Normally, when you submit 100 Project Discovery submissions within a day (200 for Omega) you get locked until the next downtime. Then you can submit a new batch. Without a downtime, the daily limit only actually reset 24h after your last submission from the previous day. (A bit like the time on Daily Alpha Injector). I think this is intended that way, and previously the timer didn’t make sense.

For example, when I login in the morning (9am ET local), I could always produce new submissions, as downtime was just a few hours ago. Today when I logged in, I still has a 2hr timer left.

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work!



There is also a server wide limit. I recall attempting to do Project Discovery for the first time and not being able to, having never submitting anything prior.

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I have only played the game for 2 months now. But about 6 hours after the regular downtime should have taken place I experienced a few sudden disconnections from the game. I have had no disconnections at all the previous 2 months. I experienced the last disconnection about an hour before downtime today.

Just for reference and as the forum mods asked me to check if I still have issue posting so testing now.