No Killmail/Lossmail after ship exploding

I engaged an Osprey Navy Issue and one other ship on the Hikkoken gate in Hallenen which resulted in the ONI exploding. I did not get a killmail for the ONI, and during a conversation with the ONI pilot they told me that they also did not have a lossmail for the ONI (although I cannot confirm whether they were being honest or not). The kill also does not show up in my characters ESI if I check that. It has not shown up on zkill as of 1 hour later although the other pilot has a loss which has shown up after our fight occurring at 17:48 (our fight occurred at 17:31).

The ONI definitely exploded:

My combat log confirms I was shooting the ONI and confirms it exploding:

I’m can’t recall if there were rats on the gate, but even if they got the last hit shouldn’t there still be a killmail as long as I had damage on the ONI?

I’ve submitted a bug report but just wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if I’m missing something that caused this to happen? Feels like I’m losing my mind a bit.

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