No More Downtime / D-Scan

When will EVE be free of downtime?
Been keeping up with EVE for some years through various websites but never wanted to try it until now. This isn’t a review of the game.
I read some time ago that the devs were working toward a way to eliminate downtime. Just want to know if that project is still on track.

Another thing, since this is Q&A.
Is there a way to warp to a ship via D-Scan or should I try to warp to an object in space close to them or how does that work?
Is there a good video maybe that can explain D-Scan in detail?

My guess: Never.
They tried and failed, much of the game mechanics base on downtime.

Not directly, no. Using combat probes it works, though.

Even worse: You cannot warp to ships which are on grid either.
Sometimes there is an object around you can warp to instead, but you need some training/experience to find out how to catch ships in deadspace.

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They’ve experimented no downtime twice. They are working out the kinks to make it happen. But as mentioned above, a lot has to happen with downtime, like asteroid respawn etc. At least downtime is only 15 min compared to long time ago.

September 2021 was 2nd experiment

I like downtime.

If youre active in low or nullsec, it helps with moving and stuff to have a downtime. Trust me when i say it has saved me atleast once.

Its only 15 minutes and it saves a lot of people, so why not keep it?


@Matar_San_Shakor I know they were working on removing DT but it’s been a while now, like over a year or so. I do not think the ancient codes will let them do all of what they want to do, I think we’re stuck with DT regardless. Although I don’t mind much, it reminds me to eat and such.

I liked this one when I was looking to learn D-Scan but go to YouTube and search, plenty of vids to learn this game.

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No downtime?? But what other 15-minute window have I got to refill my feed bag, change my adult diaper, put my kids to sleep for the day and say goodbye to my breadwinning wife?

It’s not just game mechanics that rely on downtime…

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