No Starbase Charter - no CONCORD protection in high sec

I wonder why POS in high sec must have Starbase Charter to operate and citadels must not? I think, that instead of removing asset safety for citadels in abandoned state, CCP rather should make CONCORD protection for all Upwell consortium structures to be bound to Starbase Charter. No Starbase Charter - no protection. So players can freely remove abandoned structures from high sec without waiting any timers and declaring war…


Don’t worry…CCP are on this one…any day now…any day…


Yeah, that would be nice. Would definitely help make the sale of Charters viable again.

Course it would also be great to hack into abandoned citadels and take control of them to use or sell.


Why “instead” and not “on top”?

Because without asset safety we will see much less USED Upwell structures. Who will risk their researched BPO libraries, if safety was removed simply because you suddenly spent several weeks in hospital…? Some of us spent years to get their library fully researched.

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BPC is the way and keep in a safe spot BPO, so you can stay year away…

I wonder how POS are still a thing. They were to be removed from the game literally YEARS ago. Pretty sure they’ve had enough warning. Kill them.

Go nuts…they don’t drop anything so you are literally paying 100M to waste your own time…for zero gain…

Best reason yet to remove Asset Safety.


If you’re spending several weeks in the hospital, a video game should be the least of your concern.

It’s like having a heart attack while on a roam. Yeah, you’ll lose your ship if you call 911, but you’re an idiot if you dont.


It’s not a binary. Spending several weeks in the hospital doesn’t change the fact that you’d prefer to come back eventually and not have everything gone.

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I’m not really sure what the Citadel mechanic ‘needs’ to change in order to be more interesting and beneficial to the game. Certainly the current changes to citadel mechanics seem a step in the right direction, ‘use it or lose it’ sorta thing.

As for protection/defense, an option to create another sink to ‘buy’ protection has some potential. I’m a little less keen on a simple ISK/charter sink to buy Concord protection, although perhaps that could be tweaked a bit to make it more interesting.

I know many players will also say “Build your own defense fleet and protect it or GTFO”. I don’t feel that’s really conducive to better EVE gameplay, since given the player numbers and the scheduling very few players will ever be able to adequately protect their citadels from attackers.

It might be more interesting to create a mechanic where players can purchase some sort of protection from other players, by hiring a private security force.

Of course you can sort of do that now, or pay protection money to likely attackers, whatever. Again, given the current mechanics, very few people make use of these options.

A more engaging alternative would be something like having protection contracts, where a security corp could take on a contract to protect a structure for a given time period. Citadel owner would post a payoff for the protection, security corp would post a bond to ensure protection. If the citadel is attacked, the security corp gets notified. If the citadel remains safe at the end of the contract, they get paid. If it’s destroyed, they forfeit their bond.

There are various ways to set this up, some more complicated and involving ‘virtual’ or even NPC protection forces linked to the strength of the security corp. The basic idea being to get players dealing with and fighting with each other to supply protection rather than having the only options be none, Concord, or 'build your own and have it ready 23/7".

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There are pirates they going now from station to station, and if you in a small corp, you can not defend or hold all the stuff …paying the state for protection would be nice, or to set a protection toll.

I’ve been searching for a developer comment but so far came up empty. I recall some mention of charters being specifically excluded from new structures because they didn’t provide any meaningful gameplay.

POS fueling was such a chore, with all the different items needed in different amounts, that the items were rolled together into fuel blocks. So if we need charters again, please just roll them into fuel blocks. Fuelers would be willing to pay the extra for convenience, even though the charters wouldn’t do anything for null.

Ah OK. So this thread is about you wanting to keep the magic teleport feature and not about some additional fun.

While charters don’t provide meaningful gameplay, they could. In Empire space I could see the sovereign faction declaring an un-chartered structure persona non grata - allowing it to be attacked without formal war declaration. They also provide a modest ISK sink.

I would not want this to be instead of abandoned mode but in addition to.


No one said it was a binary. But all things considered, it should be near the bottom of the list of things to worry about and care about, if youre in the hospital for several weeks.

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