No strange matter component Y-97

Hello, does anyone have the problem I have. I never find any Y-97. Not in T1, T2 and T# explo sites nor in combat sites. Very strange? Are they only in null or low-sec? Or in certain regions? Help would be welcome. Buying them is expensive.

Kind regards Marith


I think this is a combat strange matter. Combat strange matter for T2 drop in T1 combat. Same for T3 combat it drops in T2.
The only matter I havn’t found is the one new for T4 combat but I have only run 10 T3 combats. Will keep trying :slight_smile:


I found 16 once - and only once - in a Enigmatic explore site from a single node. Just that one time. So I only make the Mysterious when it comes up as an objective. Even in the Mysterious it wasn’t common. As for now I can only make 2 more. It’s just extremely rare. Which makes the Mysterious sites all the more annoying that you have these red level relic nodes and a timer and massive distance between each. Personally feel it’s too much trouble just to get to them for us to then be hassled by them.

It’s just another pay-to-win mechanic where the uber rich just buy them at ridiculous prices and everyone else is just screwed. I feel this event was intended to be an ISK sink, but the tediousness of it and lack of decent rewards has made it unpopular and people simply opt not to bother doing it. I think they recently lowered the spawn rates because there were so many relic anomalies piling up in systems.

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