[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

a couple more bombers and we could have wiped them all. That extra bomber could be you

Who just leaves half a bil in MTUs lying around?

I sent you an email (granted our names being similar is a bit of a plus for me too lol)

now imagine if his DC was rolled for EM/Therm

Imagine getting payed to PvP

Took a recruit on a roam and this is the first thing he killed

can I just say, I’m not a fan of the police

Bait maller best maller

It’s a pity the nag got away

Tiamat Down!

Brackets are out!

RIP JF Pilots

Op success thanks to our newest multiboxer (they had more I swear)

your video loops …

Well, that escalated quickly.

Looking for more pilots in the UK, Europe, and Africa!


I have internet again!

To be the guy that found this wreck

And it’s time for plexagadon round 3! Either drop 5k plex on extractors or sell it and just buy the extractors with isk.