[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

mfw a T2 gun is worth more then a skill injector

4 years later and we finally get the km

VonHole Strikes Again!

Dropping a nid on some thrasher fleet issues, what could go wrong?

Join a community you can trust with insane amounts of risk

Geri down

Is this some kind of modern art?

Another contract in the books!

I almost feel bad

Average void brain

Not even FAXs can stop VonHole

A rev without a prop mod?

when you kill a hauler filled with random MTU trash and it also drops 2 injectors

why to people keep putting carriers in opens?

Guy can afford a nyx, but only a T1 fit?

Several returning members in our USTZ. Come try the community that keeps you coming back?

It only took 3 years but it’s finally out

Laelaps down

The guide to FW got updated recently, there’s never been a better time to join

It couldn’t have happened to nicer people