[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

Cant ask for better people to fly with

Today was a good day

Just casually soloing some people in the middle of a 2500 man fight.

Finally, we’re all free

FW battlefields are amazing content, join the corp that dominates them

Never not Friday Night Fights

Apparently being full cap fit wasn’t enough to prevent them from just getting shot

High grade graph porn

When both sides try to higher you but one of them pays first

Jump in, the warzone is fine

Vote today!

Who would win nine zappy bois or one brave VNI?

Did you know you can polarize marauders?!

Maybe one day your name too will join the title of this sheet

Laelaps Down!

Anyone else going to fanfest?

Something something angle caps

Alligator fleets incoming

2 hot contracts, new corps in alliance, higher than ever payouts!