[Noir.] A different kind of small gang PVP

To the top! Top guys!

And here I thought marauders were suppose to be hard to kill

Even CCP’s getting in on the new JF ganking meta

Just went 4 vs 12 against CalMil nano vs brawlers and forced them off. Top end content and great people to fly with, whether FW or on contract

There’s a new exploit, and here’s how it works


Golden ammo here we go.

Still our era!

We have stats! They’re only kind of good (CCPlease lock range buff to at least heated faction point range).

Catch our pilots on The Ancients and Templis CALSF teams this weekend! #mercs

And we got the loot too!

Cheapest flag in the AT

Lalaps down!

As our current contract concludes, we look for new blood.

Some very exciting AT matches today, my team even got top 8!

Last day of the AT. Will a new team join the AT ship cartel or will Hydra once again win all the ships?

The pandas beat the pigs in a reverse sweep

More UK/EU players wanted for our awesome community!

Anyone want to explain the current event for me?

VonHole strikes again!