Non-combat System version of M-0EE8 with a CCP Keepstar


I apologize in advance if my question isn’t well written or if I missed something on the forums. The new system M-0EE8 is free attack area, May i request a system that is similar to M-0EE8 but a non-combat version where combat is consensual (update, I forgot to mention) “that has a KeepStar”?

same there

go to some station in NPC Space far away from M-O. You will avoid the attack area, For example, Asakai or Perimeter

Every other system is a non-combat area without consent. As per CCP post:

Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8, only on Singularity).

but we do not have subcap system. we had pvbh in past. not only the keepstar-sov ccp system. where can test subcap now without getting titan drops. seeding the cap components is knee shot. singularity need to be named titangularity as evry1 will spam them evrywhere

Could you please explain the use cases of such a system a bit further? I am not strictly against it, but I am afraid, that there will be not a lot of usage for it. Should it be close to M-OEE8? Does it have to be in 0.0? Does it need a Keepstar or would a smaller structure (like a faction Fortizar) also be sufficient?

Regarding the separate combat system for sub-capitals (as we had with PVH8-0): I’ve seen nearly no activity in this system and there was also very little support for it in the discussion thread about the rule changes, so I left it out for now - but this would also be quite easy to add again (if there are any good arguments for it).

right now there are three major issues.

  1. lack of filaments and copyships. while we can understand not seeding filaments we cant understand why take away copyships at all,because its hardcoded? is it so hard to filter out skill ijectors to be deleted from copyships while letting us copy modules and ships?

and why remove system arnon from moveme command while not adding anything for exchange.

  1. seeding capital parts - no not this please,testing anything else than titans and supercarriers is obsolette,whole test server now has no sense and its pointless and testing anything else is rendered impossible. welcome titangularity supercarrierality bye singularity.
    solution would be giving the capital parts via redeem system for maximum 50-100 supercarriers/titans but not seeding them at all.

  2. removing filaments because abyssal team requested their deletion,why you did not defend seeding filaments,what was reason agaist seeding them,not allowing us to keep testing abyssal sites is kinda bad decision.

  3. system is not upgraded no anomalies no ore sites no notthing.

all u can do now is pull sisi power cord because its not possible to test there anything anymore. server is overcomed by titans and supercarriers.

or just 1 super of each race (including faction) in redeem system like there was awhile ago. I would be ok with that, dont seed parts, or bpcs. its really a waste of time. I hate hauling. I would rather be testing than gathering parts, hauling 10+ jumps and then being in build for weeks.

you do know that you can build em in the sotiyo in m-o wich is also seeded. no haulin needed :wink:

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yes, i do know that. but do i really want to build there? no.

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