Non-consensual Gank of a Ragnarok

I was in a safe spot in FD- experimenting with fittings and doomsdays when I got tackled by multiple HAC followed by being ganked by multiple supers and titans, the whole time expressing It was non-consensual in local.

Mimir Someonesson
Broccoli Parmala
Grool Skord
Odu Vanchik (inital point, refused to de-aggress)
Flying Spagheti Monster
Almero Podiene

You consented by undocking. Welcome to EVE Online.

  1. Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8, only on Singularity).

Breach of the rules may result in disciplinary actions up to (perma-)banning from the test server (including alt accounts).
Disciplinary actions are non-negotiable.


FD-MIJ is not testing system untill sisi masstests,there was no masstest and attacking anywhere else than M0EEB is breach of sisi rules.

if u get shot in poitot its also breach of rules…

chat logs
[ 2019.04.18 12:50:42 ] Odu Vanchik > can u give me ur ship ?
[ 2019.04.18 12:50:48 ] Odu Vanchik > ineed one
[ 2019.04.18 12:50:56 ] Odelll > no, I need it for testing :stuck_out_tongue:
[ 2019.04.18 12:51:19 ] Odu Vanchik > what kind test i cad do it self with ur rag
[ 2019.04.18 12:51:25 ] Odu Vanchik > i can*
[ 2019.04.18 12:52:19 ] Odu Vanchik > wow nice here consent u shoot me
[ 2019.04.18 12:52:21 ] Odu Vanchik > i like it
[ 2019.04.18 12:52:41 ] Odelll > swing and a miss
[ 2019.04.18 12:53:44 ] Odu Vanchik > haw titans ded
[ 2019.04.18 12:53:49 ] Odu Vanchik > patch ago
[ 2019.04.18 12:53:50 ] Odelll > indeed
[ 2019.04.18 12:56:08 ] Odelll > this isnt concentual. I’m trying to test stuff
[ 2019.04.18 12:56:43 ] Almero Podiene > ur reaper was consent
[ 2019.04.18 12:56:48 ] Odu Vanchik > i have log where u shoot me
[ 2019.04.18 12:56:53 ] Odu Vanchik > it is consent
[ 2019.04.18 12:56:57 ] Odelll > you warped to my safe spot
[ 2019.04.18 12:57:07 ] Almero Podiene > just to watch and u shoot us
[ 2019.04.18 12:57:08 ] Odu Vanchik > it is my spot too
[ 2019.04.18 12:58:28 ] Odelll > can you stop?
[ 2019.04.18 12:58:34 ] Odelll > I really dont want to contact an ISD
[ 2019.04.18 12:58:57 ] Broccoli Parmala > when contact isd also tell how you consent and doomsday us
[ 2019.04.18 12:59:12 ] Odu Vanchik > u can contact to isd cos we have consent after you use ewar and shooting me

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It’s the test server. Buy another one.

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Not a solution. No consent, is nonconsent. Bannable offense on test servers.


thy not. build them

Thanks for pointing out your ignorance.



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they wont. hate to break it to you, but no one cares about anyone losing stuff on sisi

It’s not the loss, it’s the complete waste of time, which is difficult enough to find as it is.

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i had my komodo ganked in stain … friend lost vanquisher in period basis and another one lost vendetta in fountain… really ccp.

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two months and still no dev reply. It seems they only respond when your wrong.


i have got reply finally… the rules apply only during MASSTESTING not during regular server ongoing. if ever anyone wondered why ccp not respond.

Care to share response?

Not allowed to share response.

there is no top secret stuff just the masstesting answer… sisi rules apply only during those.

I think they should clarify that in their rules for the test server then. It doesn’t specifically state only during mass testing.

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they should not means they want. sisi is wild west… only things change during masstest. ccp dont care about after